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Title: 馬來西亞獨中華文課本馬華文學教材編選研究
Malaysia Chinese Independent High School Chinese Textbooks Materials Selection of Mahua Literature
Authors: 吳龍雲
Goh Leng Hoon
Hoh Poh Lun
Keywords: 華文獨立中學
Chinese Independent High School
Chinese Textbooks
Mahua Literature
Teaching Materials
Dong Zong Curriculum Department
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 《1961年教育法令》的頒布,華文獨立中學成為華社籌資民辦學校。因缺乏明確的辦學方針而導致華文獨立中學陷入困境。隨著1973年《華文獨立中學建議書》的提呈,統一與發展獨中課程刻不容緩。1976年統一課程委員會的設立,著手於課程設計而後編寫各學科之教科書。學生身處環境不同教育內容也隨其地域性而調整。以華文科而言,因此有別於兩岸三地,華文獨立中學華文課本除了選入中國、臺灣、外國作家作品,也特別選入馬來西亞當地作家的文學作品。本研究以了解民編華文課本之編纂流程、編輯委員編選之考量、歷年來課文內容的呈現為研究目的。研究發現董教總獨中工委會課程局主要遵循馬來西亞教育部所頒布的〈華文課程綱要〉並參考中國與台灣的課綱,發展出獨中〈華文課程綱要〉。本研究進行的內容分析以教育目標「五育」為主類目,結果顯示三套《華文》中的馬華選文主要著重於智育作用。本研究以選文的「主題」為次類目,結果顯示80年代初編馬華選文內容最為保守反映的是馬來西亞教育部所頒的課程目標,不碰觸華教議題;90年代重編課本選入大量具有本地色彩的作品;21世紀新編之課本,馬華選文篇章幅度相比前兩套有減少的趨向。
Under Education Act 1961, Independent Chinese Schools did not received any aids from the government and there was no proper way to run the Independent Chinese Schools, soon it found itself running into problems. A proposal for Independent Chinese Schools was released in 1973. There was a need to develop a curriculum that will be suitable for these schools. Dong Zong Curriculum Department was set up in 1976, it developed a curriculum as well as producing textbooks for various subjects. There was a need to design local text materials for students who lived in Malaysia. For Chinese subject, textbooks that were used in Independent Chinese Schools included literature that was sourced from China, Taiwan, Europe and of course Mahua literature. Research find out how did the compiled process worked, contents of textbooks over the years. Dong Zong Curriculum Department refer to Chinese syllabus that officially released by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, and syllabus from China and Taiwan to help develop Chinese syllabus itself. Content analyzed by “Wu-yu”, showed that Mahua literature in three sets of Chinese textbooks mainly focused on intellectual teaching purposes. The content of Mahua literature of first sets in the 1980s did not touched on the Chinese education issue. The content of second sets in the 1990s contained a lot of local text materials. 21th century, the newly compiled materials showed that the Mahua literature are being greatly reduced.
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