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Title: 生命的轉彎處-一個紐西蘭華裔青年的生命故事探究
The Turning of Life – Life Story of a Young Taiwanese-Chinese Descendent in New Zealand
Authors: 楊聰榮
Chou, Li-Chun
Keywords: 華裔
Chinese descendent
life story
overseas Chinese
New Zealand
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 當代海外華裔青年回流臺灣,是各有其經歷與動機所促成的,如過去文獻所言,是多面向的考量、綜合評估下的決策。本文從過去文獻歸納出海外華裔青年回流臺灣的因素包含就業需求因素、環境偏好因素、人際牽動因素,及個人志願因素。 從就業需求來看,生命週期處於就業或職位安置的階段,若所選讀的專業科系在移居國沒有太大的發展空間,而在臺灣則能提供更好的機會與發展,海外華裔青年極有可能考慮回流臺灣。在人際牽動因素方面,若有人際網絡產生的拉力,如有家人朋友在臺,或家庭需求或期待,也會增強回流意願。至於環境偏好因素也促成回流,是一些海外華裔青年特別喜愛臺灣豐富的、或某種特定的生活方式,如說中文或可享平價多元美食,也會形成回流決策的因素之一。而個人志願因素則包括較晚移民而對臺有較深歸屬感者,或一心想為臺灣服務、在臺灣求學或拓展人生經驗者,這樣的個人志願也會促成回流決策。另外,有雙語能力及雙文化資本,也會增加他們回流臺灣的意願。 本研究為看出回流決策的形成脈絡,以單一個案為素材、深度訪談為手段、生命故事為工具、敘事分析為觀點,研究一名對於回流臺灣意願極低的海外華裔青年轉為積極主動的歷程,透過他的生命故事,瞭解其思維與認知,進而討論這些認知如何促成回流。目的是延伸過去文獻所歸納回流因素,從生命故事中呈現回流決策形成型態,並表現出各回流因素在形成決策前的互動與連結關係。研究結果發現各因素之間環環相扣,缺一不可;而回流決策並非一開始便固定,本文研究對象有順從、抗拒、勉強、積極等不同的轉折期,最後在回流決策形成後,原屬阻力的部分驟然消失,以樂觀或必然的態度化解之。 此一個案回流決策的形成型態雖未必能推及所有回流的華裔青年,但回流各因素間互動關係之由此研究可見其緊密性,以生命故事著眼的研究方式亦能從小觀大、見微知著。
In recent years, the rationale for many overseas Chinese youths to migrate back to Taiwan consists of a multitude of reasons, experiences and motives. As discussed in other literature, the decision to return is the sum of many considerations and multi-faceted assessment that come together to make a final choice. A study of the prior literature demonstrates many common motivations, including career choice, environmental preferences, interpersonal relationships, and personal aspirations. To the aspect of career choice, young returnees often make the decision in relation to their current stage in their life-span, which is more focused on career stability or the career-of-life searching. Therefore, they potentially consider turning back to Taiwan if what their field of study has little room for development and prospering in immigrate country while Taiwan could offer a greater space for development. To the aspect of interpersonal relationship, the individual could be more inclined to return to Taiwan if there exists certain relationship-based connections, such as family or friends being in Taiwan, or family needs and expectation from them. As to the motive of environmental preferences stimulates overseas Chinese youths to return is for those who like the abundant and diverse or some certain lifestyle in Taiwan, speak Chinese or enjoy various foods with reasonable price, for example. And to the reason of personal aspiration can explain more of those who left Taiwan with their older age might share stronger belonging to Taiwan, and those who made their life-goal to benifit Taiwan, or who wants to study in Taiwan or expand their life experience. These reasons impel the overseas Chinese youths to return. Additionally, they could be more inclined to return to Taiwan if they could benefit from having dual-language and multicultural background. This study is focused on a detailed analysis of a single case, and uses in-depth interviews, life stories and narrations depicts the miraculous change of heart for one to proactively decide to return to Taiwan. It will analyze different levels of understanding, thoughts and opinions throughout the individual's many stages in life, along with the impact of each on his decision making process. This research establishes a depiction of how this individual's decision making process and transition fits into the larger scope of other studies' observations, and points out the linkage between each consideration and its affect on the final decision. This study will show that every consideration is important; the process can be broken into turning points of capitulation, protest, compulsion, and enthusiasm, culminating in the dissipation of the individual's original reasons for resistance, and return to Taiwan. While the person's decision making process may not be the same as those of other overseas Chinese youths, the decision making process and its related motivations can be taken as a detailed example to further similar research.
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