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Title: 邦交國海外僑校文理教育素質提升之研究-以巴拉圭中正及中山僑校為例
The study of literature and science educational diathesis promotion for the overseas schools of diplomatic allies-Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen overseas schools in Paraguay
Authors: 楊聰榮
Tsung-Rong Edwin Tang
Tsu-chin Chen
Keywords: 邦交國
Diplomatic allies
Literature and science educational diathesis
Overseas education of Chinese students abroad
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 摘 要 我國截至目前(2013)為止擁有二十二個邦交國,巴拉圭為我南美唯一邦交國,其重要性自不待言。雖相隔半個地球,政府仍極為重視當地僑生華語文教育。除積極輔導僑校設立,鼓勵華語文教師蒞巴教學外,並利用僑校場地進行多項中巴文化交流活動。2013年更派遣華語文教師協助巴國主流大學設立華語文課程,以增進兩國邦誼。 巴拉圭亞松森市中正學校及東方市中山僑校的文理教育,一向以台灣所使用的中小學教材為依歸,所採行的教學方式、課程規劃與國內中小學同步。華裔子弟學成後以僑生保送身分回國就讀大學,無論文理科系大多能均衡發展,但是在高等教育的文理內涵仍有改進空間。 為提升巴國僑校文理教育素質,本研究的結論為:對外華語文教學可增進國際形象、利用網路功能可增進教學效率、精簡教學可促進良好文理教育成果、擴展多語與華語文為第二語言之教學,以增進兩國教育與文化交流。並提出以下建議:強化國際素養成為全球化人才、提升華語文學習層次進入文化層面、熟悉數學語言結構等。
Abstract There are totally 22 diplomatic allies with Taiwan by year 2013. It is worth highlighting that Paraguay is the only country that has diplomatic relationship with Taiwan in South America, it took the importance position for Taiwan. Therefore, Taiwan’s government has been always emphasizing on the importance of Chinese language learning for Chinese people in Paraguay. In spite of long distance between two countries, the government not only took initiative to establish oversea Chinese school, encouraged Chinese language teachers go to teach in Paraguay, but also conducted varies Taiwan-Paraguay bilateral cultural activities in the school campus. In addition, the government also assigned Chinese language teachers go to Paraguay to set up Chinese classes within local major universities at the year 2013 in order to develop the diplomatic friendship. The education about Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sen overseas schools in Paraguay is always simultaneously based on Taiwan’s updated teaching methodology and materials of primary and secondary school to provide literature and science education. For most overseas Chinese students, they got the admission without exam on schooling opportunities by universities in Taiwan as Returning Overseas Chinese Students, and most of them have good performance on literature and science education field. However, they still need to be improved on literature and science perspective and connotation in higher education. The conclusion of this study is to enhance the quality of literature and science educational diathesis in Paraguay as following: to improve international image on teaching Chinese to foreigners, to improve teaching efficiency by using internet, optimizing teaching can achieve good education results of Chinese and mathematics, to expand development of multiple languages and teaching “Chinese as a second language” in order to promote the cultural and educational interaction between both countries. In addition, this study also provides suggestions for improving global talent training, enhancing Chinese language proficiency to cultural dimension, and improve the understanding of structure in mathematical language, etc.
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