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Title: 漢字據音系聯教材編寫與教學研究
Teaching Chinese Characters Material Based on the Phonetic Radical Method
Authors: 林振興
Keywords: 集中識字教材
teaching material by accumulating similar characeters
teaching material based on the phonetic radical method
sinogram-based teaching material
Chinese characters teaching material
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract:   在學習漢字時,漢字的聲符可以提示字音,漢字的意符可以系聯字義。江新(2003)發現,初級階段的外國學生知道漢字讀音和了解漢字義意之間的相關很高。表明了學生在漢語字詞義意時候,可能依賴字詞的讀音,但是學生又無法見字知音。Everson(1998)以20位母語為拼音文字的漢語初學者作為受試者,研究他們對漢語詞彙的識別,發現詞的正確讀音與詞的意義之間存在著很高的相關性。由此可知學生要記住字義,記住字的正確讀音,是相當重要的。   而「系聯法」的概念也包含了「字本位」、「集中識字」,楊冰郁、石凱民(2001)解釋系聯法為遵循由簡而繁,由易而難的識字原則,把在形、音、義諸方面有相同、相似、相反關係或某種語義、結構的漢字系聯起來。本研究欲著墨於字音方面的系聯,透過「據音系聯」的方式,透過聲符系聯字音,透過意符系聯字意,達到提升漢字學習效率的效果。   本研究編寫了四課的據音系聯教材,並且透過實證教學方式,檢視「據音系聯」教學法的學習成效,同時也進行教師問卷,調查華語教師對教材與教學法的看法及意見,希望能為漢字教學開啟新的方向。
  Nowadays, learning Chinese as a foreign language contributes to learners’ ability to assimilate in a foreign society. Unlike many popular foreign languages, Chinese is very different from the Latin language and Chinese characters are the most difficult part of learning the language. This research addresses this problem. There was a method called the “sinogram-based teaching approach,” which used a word as the basic unit of teaching. It arose during the end of the 20th century. Since then, more theories have been established. Researchers and teachers alike have tried to teach Chinese by accumulating similar characters with the notion of creating a more effective input method. Afterwards, there were lots of teaching materials of accumulating both similar and sinogram-based characters. Until now, researchers have tried finding a new version to solve the obstacles of learning Chinese characters.   Some Chinese characters have a phonetic radical or a semantic radical. We can pronounce a character by its phonetic radical and know its meaning by its semantic radical. Hence, this study attempts to develop a teaching material based on the phonetic radical method and use it as a teaching experiment. This study attempts to prove this method does help students when they are learning characters. Attached to this study is a survey for Chinese teachers. This survey illustrates how teachers think about this teaching method. The outcome of this study shows students did improve on their learning and teachers felt positive about this teaching method.
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