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Title: 情境感知結合行動科技輔助海外華裔青年進行華語口語溝通學習成效之研究
Using Context-aware technology and Mobile Devices to Assist Oral Communication in Mandarin Chinese as a Second Language
Authors: 籃玉如
Keywords: 行動輔助語言學習
context-aware technology
oral communication
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究探討結合情境感知技術與行動裝置輔助華語口語溝通對海外華裔青年學習者的影響。每年都有許多海外華裔青年為了學習華語而來到台灣;然而其學習華語的方式仍然和他們在本國時一樣,以教室學習為主;課堂上所學的華語知識無法立刻應用在真實情境當中。二語習得理論指出在真實情境中以目標語進行互動是語言習得的關鍵,而行動科技的發展則使得跨出教室的學習越來越容易;因此本研究利用行動裝置輔助學習者在真實情境當中進行華語口語互動。研究對象為34名17至23歲的海外華裔青年,隨機分為真實情境組與教室情境組。兩組的目的都是拜訪店家並蒐集其營業資訊;但是兩組的學習情境完全不同:真實情境組的學習者在台灣街道上尋找指定店家,詢問所需資訊;探索過程中學習者可以利用所攜帶的行動裝置,隨時上網取得老師預先準備的多媒體教材內容;也可以利用行動裝置紀錄所得到的店家資訊。教室情境組則使用紙本教材,在情境教室中學習;教室布置成一條街道,一部分學生扮演店家老闆,其他學生扮演顧客,顧客要拜訪店家詢問營業資訊。分析結果顯示兩組的學習成效與態度沒有顯著差距,然而其口語溝通表現有顯著差異:在真實情境中使用行動裝置學習的學生運用了更多的語言學習策略,並且有更多機會以目標語進行輸入與輸出。
The aim of this study was to explore the effectiveness of using a mobile device to construct a ubiquitous language learning environment on the oral output of overseas Chinese students learning Mandarin Chinese. The participants were 34 overseas Chinese students, aged 17 to 23. They were randomly assigned to two groups: the Real-Context group and the Classroom-Context group. The participants in the Real-Context group looked for and visited shops on the streets of Taipei, Taiwan. During the activity, they could receive multimedia learning materials anytime through the mobile devices. The participants of the Classroom-Context group studied in a situated classroom which was set as a street, and their learning materials were printed on the paper. In this group, some students acted as the shopkeepers, while others as the customers. The results showed that there is a statistically significant difference in oral communication performances between the two groups; the students using the mobile devices in the real-world contexts used more language learning strategies, and they had more opportunities to receive the input and produce the output in the target language.
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