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Title: 華泰語言溝通策略分析在商業應用之研究-以曼谷房地產業交易為例
Thai–Chinese Business Communication Strategy Analysis: A Case Study of Bangkok Real Estate Business
Authors: 楊聰榮
Yang, Tsung-Rong
Peer Dumrongrat
Keywords: 交際民族誌
Ethnography of communication
Thai & Taiwan culture relationship
Real Estate
Applied Business Chinese
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 不同民族的人具有不同文化背景,而不同文化背景的人須透過有效的溝通來了解彼此,因此有效的溝通能力是不可或缺的技能,因此了解不同文化背景的人的溝通過程與方式,是重要的一環。在中華文化的傳統理財觀念中「有土斯有財」,取得土地成為人們投資保值資產的最佳選擇,因此房地產對中華文化國家而言是舉足輕重與不可或缺的產業。近年以來,由於東南亞國家經濟發展力提升,東南亞海外不動產投資在台灣成為許多投資者的新寵。本研究目的於使用溝通民族志方法,研究語言與社會生活中的互連,旨在透過言語中實際存在的抽象語言與文化關係,來探討溝通行為、言語之含義與過程,來研究與分析華泰語言溝通曼谷房地產業交易交際情景的構造與用語,以更了解台灣與泰國房地產之雙方文化與語言應用技巧。 本研究以溝通民族志以及參與觀察為研究方法,透過泰國房地產說明會的台灣與泰國人主持人之溝通技巧來進行研究。研究發現,對於華泰語言溝通用語方面,由於台灣人對於泰國曼谷地理位置不熟悉,因此在曼谷房地產服務業溝通交際中需要更多運用曼谷與台灣之特色區域舉例釋義做對照,讓客戶對曼谷該區域更容易理解且可實質想像對照,可以減少溝通曼谷該區域之樣貌,讓溝通更順利更有效。在台泰房地產文化差異方面,由於台灣與泰國對於房地產商業用語及房地產規格設置差異,台泰房地產投資產業方面的講師或等相關工作人員,不僅僅要學會語言,專業用語等,更要了解雙方的文化,因此跨文化溝通能力是海外房地產投資產業之服務人員十分重要的職能。
Different nationalities have different cultural backgrounds. Communication is an indispensable skill for effectively communication to understand each other. In the traditional concept of Chinese culture “There is soil, there is wealth”, the land has become the best assets for people to invest. Real estate is an important industry for the country.As Southeast Asian countries economic development. In recent years, Southeast Asia’s real estate investment has become the new darling of many investors, also for Taiwanese investors. The purpose of this study is to use the ethnographic method of communication, which aims to reveal the abstract language and cultural relationship in the speech rather than the theory, to discuss communication behavior, meaning and process of speech, the structure and terminology of the situation in Bangkok real estate communication and for more understanding of both Taiwan and Thai real estate culture and pragmatics. The data are collected from field study of five live “Bangkok Real Estate Seminar” of A Company, mainly use communication scene that the Thai and Taiwanese host use on the stage. From research, oversea real estate investment cannot rely on simple media advertising or text leaflets to make people understand all information, Seminar is one of the most effective ways for investors to understand overseas real estate investments. In terms of Thai-Chinese communication, as Taiwanese are not familiar with the location of Bangkok, so, to communicate, broker can use Bangkok and Taiwan region to compare each other region characteristics. In conclusion, cross culture communication skill is very important for oversea real estate service personnel to make communication more effective and successful.
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