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Title: 在臺就讀香港學生華語聲調偏誤分析
An Analysis of the Tone Errors of Hong Kong Students Who Are Studying in Taiwan
Authors: 林振興
Lin, Zheng-Xing
Lin, Ling
Keywords: 聲調
Hong Kong Students
target language
mother language
negative transference
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 華語學習者最初遇到的問題是語音,語音除了聲、韻這兩大部分外,還有很重要的一個組成部分就是聲調。聲調也會影響與人交談時的效果。 學習一門語言時,必須要有大量的語言輸入才會有更多的語言輸出,語言環境對語言學習具有非常重要的意義,身處目的語國家的學生受到目的語語言環境的影響會不自覺模仿並學習他所處的語言環境中的語言。 本研究針對在臺就讀的香港學生進行語音調查,將其按時間分為來台半年、來台一年、來台兩年和來台三年這四組,并對比台灣的語言環境對這四組受試者的聲調偏誤的影響狀況。 通過語音分析與觀察可以找出在臺香港學生在單字調和語流中的華語聲調偏誤現象、重點偏誤的調型,并對比來臺時間不同的香港學生的聲調偏誤狀況有何差別差別。 關鍵字:聲調 華語 香港學生 台灣 語流 目的語 母語 負遷移
The first question that the CSL students will meet is the Chinese pronunciation, it contains three parts,one is initials the other iss finals,and this thesis is focus on the Chinese tone. Chinese tone has a dominant influence on the meaning of the word. When you learn a new language, Input is an essential condition of output, so the target language environment is very important for language learning. The second language learning students who are in the target language environment may imitate the pronunciation of the native speakers automatically. This study went on a Chinese pronunciation survey towards Hong Kong students who are studying in Taiwan, they were divided into four groups according to the length of their time in Taiwan. After the division, this study compared the different influence of the target language towards the four groups. Through this article, I found out the Chinese tone error types that the Hong Kong students always make mistakes on, and compared the difference of the different groups. Keyword: Tone, Chinese, Hong Kong students, Taiwanese, target language, mother language, negative transference
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