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Title: 探究情境沉浸對初級華語聽力理解之影響
Investigate the Effects of Situated-immersion toward Basic Chinese Listening Comprehension
Authors: 籃玉如
Lan, Yu-Ju
Liao, Chia-Ying
Keywords: 華語聽力
Chinese listening
Technology enhanced language learning
3D virtual reality
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究的目的在於探究以虛擬實境創造之情境沉浸對聽力理解之影響,以27名華語初級學習者為對象,採取單組相依樣本設計進行為期六週的實驗,比較以圖片及虛擬實境作為聽力輔助之效果。實驗期間,學生每週輪流接受兩種聽力組合,包括以聲音搭配圖片的傳統組合以及聲音搭配Second Life(3D虛擬實境)的沉浸組合輔助聆聽聽力材料,並進行聽力測驗檢測聽力理解表現。透過比較學生的測驗成績以及實驗中及實驗後問卷填答以及訪談結果,以考察三個研究問題:包括(一)兩種多模態組合是否對華語聽力理解成績有影響?(二)學生對於多模態組合運用於聽力理解之偏好態度是否有差異?以及(三)多模態組合是否影響學習策略的選擇?研究結果發現,在聽力理解方面,沉浸組合的聽力理解成績顯著高於傳統組合,表示沉浸組合對聽力理解的作用較強。在偏好態度方面,學生喜好沉浸組合的比例遠高於傳統組合,並對未來使用更多虛擬實境於華語學習有高度意願。在學習策略方面,雖然未達顯著差異,但是在沉浸組合下,學生採取的策略數量較多,且在不同的組合下,學習者最頻繁以及使用最少的策略有所不同。此研究為3D虛擬實境運用於聽力理解的探索性研究,研究結果可供未來利用虛擬實境運用於華語教學聽力學習相關研究的參考
This study aims to examine how situated-immersion created by virtual reality influences beginner-level Chinese learners’ listening comprehension. To reach this aim, the empirical research was conducted for six weeks under dependent-sample design by examining whether there is a difference among students’ scores, preferences and listening strategies. It compared the effects between using pictures and virtual reality as aids for listening comprehension. During the test, listening materials are played in two different ways, audio with pictures and audio with Second Life (3D virtual reality), every other week. The data collected include scores of tests, two questionnaires and interview. The preliminary results of the data analysis derived from the paired-samples t-test indicated that with the aid of virtual reality, students performed significantly better than the aid of pictures. The results revealed that students preferred the aid of virtual reality, and also having a high willingness to continue using virtual reality for Chinese learning in the future. The results also indicated that there are no significant differences on the listening strategies. But there are more occurrences of listening strategies used by students with the aid of virtual reality than when they were using pictures, and that the most used and least used strategies are also different when learning under different listening aid. As a preliminary research using virtual reality on Chinese listening comprehension for discussing the influences of situated-immersion, this study has shed some light upon the positive impacts for virtual reality, and demonstrated the feasibility of utilizing virtual reality to assist Chinese listening comprehension learning and teaching.
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