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Title: 影片引導二語兒童寫作能力影響研究-以印尼泗水臺灣學校高年級華裔學生為例
The influence of infusing Film into teaching on Child Second Language Writing Acquisition Achievement
Authors: 蔡雅薰
Tsai, Ya-Hsun
Li, Yin-Fang
Keywords: 華語寫作
Chinese writing
Chinese teaching
multimedia teaching
Film teaching
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract:   隨著華裔人數逐年增加,華裔華語教學日趨重要。其學習方面,因受生長環境背景的影響,往往聽說能力高於讀寫能力。如何提升聽、說、讀、寫四項能力均衡發展為一大課題,而現今閱讀相關研究有許多,相較於寫作相關研究則較少,且學生面對於寫作課時,常常怨聲載道,因此本研究將探討華語寫作教學。   寫作能力必須包含「思維能力」、「表達能力」、「語言能力」,現今華語教學法中,奠基於學習者既有的思維能力及表達能力與自身母語能力相同,因此較側重「表達能力」、「語言能力」訓練,「思維能力」較少著墨。對於學習寫作的兒童,常常聽到學生所遇到的問題是應該寫些什麼內容,兒童所遇到的問題,不僅是生活經驗的缺乏,亦包含將經驗轉換成想法,且有架構的表達,因此對於二語兒童學寫作教學除了「語言能力」訓練外,亦包含了「思維能力」及「表達能力」。   而影片運用於教學中,可以提高學習興趣、同時提供畫面與聲效、教材真實性具臨場感可供學生觀察、將影片學習經驗轉移至生活、增進學生理解力、建立共同經驗、資訊多樣性、縮短教學時間與空間、教學彈性。因此本研究欲探討影片融入華語寫作教學中,探討影片運用於華語寫作教學對學生學習成就的影響,並探討學生對於此教學法的態度。   本研究採取「前實驗設計」,研究對象為印尼泗水臺灣學校六年級學生,共26位,為期三周的實驗教學。研究工具以量化的寫作評量表及影片融入寫作教學問卷探討。   研究結果顯示運用影片融入華語寫作教學後,有助於學生學習成就,尤其在「取材切題」、「見解新穎」及「前後連貫」上「思維能力」的部分。且學生對於影片融入於教學的看法,認為影片融入寫作教學對其學習寫作有幫助,且運用此方式,興趣提高,也喜歡這種教學方式。
With the ethnic Chinese population increases year by year, the Chineseteaching has become increasingly important. In learning aspect, due to the influence of growth environment background, generally the listening and speaking abilities are higher than reading and writing abilities.How to improve the balanced development of these four abilities is a great task, and now there are many researches related to reading, but compared to the related research of writing is less.And when the students having writing class, complaints are heard everywhere, so this study will aim to explore the Chinese writing teaching. Writing abilities must contain "thinking ability", "expression ability" and "language ability", in the current Chinese teaching method, based on the existing thinking ability, expression ability and their own native language ability of learners are the same, so there is more emphasis on "expression ability" and "language ability" training, but less "thinking ability" is mentioned.For children who are learning writing, they are lack of life experience, and hard to convert their only experience into ideas, and to express orderly. Therefore, for the second language children, apart fromthe "language ability" training in writing teaching, "thinking ability” and "expression ability"are also contained. And films applied to teaching can improve the learning interest, realize images and sound combined effect, teaching material authenticity with presence allows students to observe. Also to transfer film learning experience to life,enhance the understanding,create common experience, increase information diversity, shorten the teaching time and space and have flexibility. Therefore this study intends to explore film combined into Chinese writing teaching, and the effects on students' academic performance as well as their attitudestowards this teaching method. This study adopted"pre-experimental design", and took 26 Grade Six students in Surabaya Taipei International Schoolas research object, total of three weeks of the experiment teaching.Research tools are the quantitative writing evaluation scale and the questionnaireson films integrated with writing teaching. The results show that after using the films integrated with writing teaching method, it’s contributed to students’ academic performance,especially on “theme choosing and being relevant to the topic”, “innovative ideas" and "coherence" on the part of the "thinking ability".And students take the opinions that this teaching method helps them in writing learning, and by using this method, they’ve improved their interests and liked it.
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