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Title: 越南華人的勞動與經濟:以越南共和國西堤為中心 (1955~1975)
The Labor and Economy Of The Chinese in Vietnam: Centering on Chinese in Saigon Cholon, Republic of Vietnam (1955~1975)
Authors: 吳龍雲
Goh Leng Hoon
Lo, Yun-Ze
Keywords: 越南共和國
Republic of Vietnam
Chinese associations
Cho Lon
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘要 隨著越南共和國西貢市被越南民主共和國攻陷後統一已逾42年。經歷了1975年至1990年的中南半島難民潮,越南西貢華人的社會階級與所在職業都出現一定程度的變遷。 然而,自越南共和國肇建後,因各方研究都對越南共和國看法都有所偏頗。因此針對當時西貢華人的情況,進行剖析。以利後世了解當時的華人勞動與經濟情勢。 本研究透過探討越南古代華人史、交通史,以探討華人與越南之淵源;並以相關書籍、政府檔案資料,比較分析中華民國文獻記載越南共和國時華人實際情勢之異同;同時透過外文檔案分析研究,歸納整理越南共和國西貢華人之職業態樣與類型,發現實際上越南共和國西貢華人對越南這片土地貢獻甚多,而實際上,富裕與社會地位也並非如同某些看法是處於低階層的。為此,本研究進而提出具體分析,讓後世以古喻今得到一些啟發與看法。
Absract It has been 42 years since the Republic of Vietnam was taken over and unified by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Having been through the wave of refugees from 1975 to 1990, Vietnam’s Saigon Chinese social classes and occupations have seen a certain degree of transition. However, since the Republic of Vietnam was established, general academic opinions on this country have been quite biased. Thus this research studies the situation of the Saigon Chinese with the aim of benefiting later research in understanding the Chinese economy and labor affairs at the time. By analysing the history of the Chinese and their transport in Vietnam, this research studies the history of the relations between the Chinese people and Vietnam. It uses relevant government records to compare and analyse the differences between the actual situation of the Chinese in Vietnam, and that recorded in the archive of the Republic of China. At the same time, it also uses materials from other languages to put together an account of the state and types of Chinese occupations there. It finds that the Chinese contributed a great deal to the country, thus disputing the argument that they mainly came from the lower classes. Hence, this research contributes a detailed analysis that will benefit later research.
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