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Title: 微電影在華語教學上的應用—以《Taipei,我的微旅行》為例
Applying Micro-film to Teaching Chinese as a Second Language : Take Taipei-My Mini Tour as an example
Authors: 林振興
Lin, Jen-Shing
Wang, Sin-Yi
Keywords: 華語教學
Teaching Chinese as Second Language
Micro film
Tourism Chinese
Instructional Design
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 視聽媒體運用在華語教學上不是新議題。而微電影是一個近期新興的媒體形態,它擁有適合在移動狀態和短暫休閒時間就可觀看的傳播特質,再加上劇情緊湊易懂和內容新穎的故事行銷手段,據上述的相關媒體特質,使得研究者想更進一步探究微電影為合適的華語教學媒體。 本研究整合目前學者對於影視教學、微電影的相關研究成果,並結合觀光華語內容的相關領域,討論運用微電影進行語文教學的可行性。最後以《Taipei,我的微旅行》這部微電影為研究的文本,採用學者Keller(1983)所發展的ARCS動機模式理論來設計六個華語教學主題之課堂活動教案,藉此認識臺北旅遊和歷史文化為主題的觀光華語內容。希望透過本研究,讓未來在華語教學內容的編寫,或是華語教學課堂的活動設計方面,能夠加入以微電影內容為媒介,拓展其課程的多元性;同時,也藉由此教學設計和微電影本身的趣味性提高學習者的學習動機,讓學習者在課室中,能演練更豐富且實用的聽力和口說活動。
It is not a new issue to apply audio-visual media in the Chinese classroom. Recently, there is a new media pattern, that is, micro film that is suitable for watching while in moving situation and in a short free time. Besides, the story plot, of which the production is for marketing, is tight and easy to understand. Based on the advantages stated above, researcher started to do a study whether micro film is an appropriate instructional media in Chinese class. The research integrated the recent audio-visual education theories with the result of the recent studies of micro film and connected it with the field of Chinese for tourism to discuss the feasibility of applying micro-film in language teaching classroom. Therefore, the researcher take one of the micro film titled Taipei-my mini tour as a research text to design six reasearch instructions based on the ARCS model of motivational design theory developed by Keller in 1983. The topic contents related to Chinese for tourism enable learners to acquaint with the Taipei attraction and its cultural and historical background. The researcher expected that the micro film source may expand Chinese learning diversity by inserting it the Chinese learning material or be one of the teaching proposal in Chinese classroom activities in the future. At the same time, through the instructional design reference and the fun of the micro film itself, it may arouse learner’s learning motivation to do numerous of practical practice in listening and speaking.
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