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Title: 馬來西亞讀經教育的推廣與影響-以柔佛崇德文教會為例
A Study on Promotion and The Impact of Classics-Reading Education in Malaysia : A Case of Chung-De Culture Society of Johor
Authors: 邱炫煜
Chiu, Hsuan-Yu
Lim, Pey-Huan
Keywords: 馬來西亞
Classics-Reading Education
Chung-De Culture Society
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 近年來,讀經教育已在世界各地蔚為一股風潮,許多老師和家長在得知讀經的益處後,開始積極投入並教育自己的孩子;在學校或在社區亦可見到熱烈開展的讀經活動。讀經教育在馬來西亞這多元文化的國家受到廣大重視,即使在少數華人的地方也受到人們的高度推崇。現今,讀經評鑒會已推廣到了全世界,像是新加坡、美國、臺灣、中國、香港等都有導讀評鑒會。臺灣算是第一個舉辦兒童經典導讀評鑒會的國家,而在推廣導讀評鑒中扮演極重要的角色,也因為有許多積極推廣者的堅持,讀經教育才得以迅速發展至世界各地。 馬來西亞讀經教育自1998年開始,由臺灣「兒童讀經教育」首倡者王財貴博士以及馬來西亞吉隆坡崇德文教會陳健發經理多年來致力於讀經教育的推廣,2001年開始透過陳經理的號召,讀經風氣陸續延燒至全馬各地,柔佛州新山崇德文教會由陳思亥經理帶領協助讀經教育的在地化推展。十多年來,新山崇德讀經志工老師們不遺餘力,上下一心,將讀經教育深耕至柔佛州各城市。第一屆新山小狀元會考於2002年11月10日在新山地不佬體育館舉行,來自柔佛州各地區的考生齊聚一堂,當時報考人數高達751名,為柔佛州讀經教育掀開了歷史性的經典序幕。 中華文化對於馬來西亞華人不管是在愛國情感的培育、人格的薰陶、習慣的養成、環境的造就、傳統的形成皆扮演著舉足輕重的角色。更何況對於開拓思維、培養靈感、孕育創新的能力,人文文化經典有著巨大的作用。因此,讀經教育在馬來西亞柔佛州這個最靠近新加坡的文化大雜燴區域,特別值得我們去探討及追溯。
An increase in Classics-Reading Education has been an unmistakable worldwide trend in recent years. Many teachers and parents have begun to spend more positively and educate their children as they consider the benefits of reading the classics. In Malaysia, a multicultural country, Classics-Reading Education is highly emphasized, even in the regions of inhabited by few Chinese people. Nowadays, the Evaluation Committee of Classics-Reading has been promoted to the world, for example there are the Guide Reading Evaluation Committees in Singapore, United States of America, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and so on. Taiwan is the first country that conducted the Children’s Classics Guide Reading Evaluation Committee; therefore, it plays an extremely important role in the promotion of Guide Reading Evaluation Committee. For there are many active promotors determining the spread of Classics-Reading Education, it can be positively developed throughout the world. Classics-Reading Education in Malaysia begun in 1998. Dr. Wang Cai-Gui, the first promotor of Children’s Classics-Reading Education in Taiwan, and Mr. Chen Jian-Fa, manager of Chung-De Cultural Society, have devoted themselves in promotion of Classics-Reading Education for years. On the appeal of Mr. Chen in 2001, an atmosphere of classics-reading has been consequently spread throughout Malaysia. Chung-De Culture Society of Johor was led by the manager, Mr. Chen Si-Hai, for local promotion of Classics-Reading Education. For decades, the volunteer teachers have made every effort together in developing Classics-Reading Education in every city throughout Johor. The 1st Little Champion in Johor Bahru was held in November, 10th, 2002 in Stadium Tertutup Bandaraya Johor Bahru. Among 751 Candidates from all over Johor were gathering together, opening the historic prelude of Classics-Reading Education in Johor. Chinese cultural classics plays a pivotal role among the nourishment of patriotism, the development of personality, the cultivation of habit, the achievement in the field of environment, and the construction of tradition. Moreover, Classics of Cultural Humanities have an extremely positive impact on the creation of thoughts, the development of inspiration, and the nourishment of innovative capability. Therefore, Classics-Reading Education in Johor, Malaysia, which is located near Singapore, a cultural bouillabaisse, is extraordinarily worth it to investigate and conduct research.
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