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Title: 社群網站行銷與消費者互動關係之研究: 以Facebook粉絲專頁為例
A study on the interaction between enterprise and consumer in social media marketing : using Facebook Page as an example
Authors: 王維菁
Wei-Ching Wang
Wen-shu Hsueh
Keywords: Facebook
Facebook pages
Social media marketing strategy
Interactive relationship
Consumer mobilization
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Facebook已是目前全球第一大社群網站,在台灣地區使用Facebook人數已超過了一千萬名,Facebook已是台灣地區民眾使用程度最高的社群網站。企業看上高人氣的Facebook社群網站分眾特性明顯及互動性高的特質,把Facebook中的粉絲專頁(Pages)推行社群行銷的重要管道;而消費者亦把Facebook當作是動員集結發聲的便利場域。因此本研究主要分為企業與消費者兩個層面探討在Facebook粉絲專頁中企業如何制定行銷策略與消費者互動,了解企業與消費者建立的互動關係,而消費者在粉絲專頁中如何面對企業執行行銷策略,又是否能發揮集結動員的消費者力量。 論文架構主要分為三個部分: 第一部份(第二章)探討企業如何經營Facebook粉絲專頁及制定行銷策略與消費者互動。第二部分(第三章)為研究企業在Facebook粉絲專頁的互動策略,以及企業與消費者在粉絲專頁中建立的長期互動關係類型。第三部份(第四章)探討消費者在Facebook粉絲專頁與企業互動的經驗及如何集體動員消費者,分析消費者在Facebook平台上如何發揮影響力動員為自己的消費者權益發聲。 研究主要發現: 一、歸納整理一套較為完整的粉絲專頁社群行銷策略:(一)了解粉絲專頁目標消費者、(二)市場區隔及定位─打造粉絲專頁個性、(三)4C行銷組合─消費者導向、(四)互動行銷策略原則:1. 激發正面口碑、2. 加強訊息力、3. 提供誘因、4. 多層次互動、(五)建立長期關係。 二、粉絲專頁社群行銷中企業與消費者的互動關係為推動者與合作者,粉絲專頁的經營運作須與消費者合作、讓消費者參與,並與消費者產生關係連結。 三、Facebook是現在在台灣最適合進行消費者集結發聲的平台,消費者動員意識已經抬頭。
Facebook is currently the world's largest social network website; Facebook’ users are more than ten million in Taiwan. Facebook is the people in Taiwan use the highest degree of social network website. The enterprise take Facebook social network site features of the segmented characteristic and the interaction of high qualities, the Facebook pages become implementation of social network marketing pipeline; Consumers take Facebook as a field to mobilize and build up voice. Therefore, this study is divided into two levels of enterprise and consumers to explore the Facebook pages: 1. How do enterprise to develop marketing strategies to interact with consumers, and try to understand the interaction relationship between enterprise and consumers. 2. How do Consumers to face implementation of the marketing strategy of the enterprise, and whether they can elaborate a mobilization of consumer power in the Facebook page. The thesis structure is divided into three parts: The first part(chapter 2) analyzed how do enterprises to run a Facebook page and to develop marketing strategies to interact with consumers. The second part (chapter 3) analyzed the enterprise’s Facebook pages interactive strategies, and how to develop long-term interaction types. The third part (chapter 4) explored the consumers’ interactive experience with enterprise in the Facebook pages, and how do consumers to mobilize consumers on the Facebook platform to exert their influence to voice for the interests of consumers. The results of the research have three points: 1. Summarized a completed Facebook pages social network marketing strategy strategies: (1) to understand the target consumer, (2) market segmentation and positioning - to create Facebook pages personality, (3) 4C marketing mix - the consumer-oriented, (4) the principle of interactive marketing strategies: a. to stimulate positive word of mouth, b. to strengthen message, c. to provide inducement d. to develop multi-level interaction, (5) to establish long-term relationship. 2. In social network marketing, the interaction relationship type between enterprise and consumers is facilitator and partners. In the operations of the Facebook pages, enterprise should let consumers participate in, and link with consumers. 3. Facebook is now the most suitable platform for consumers to build up voice in Taiwan, and Consumers’ mobilized conscious have established.
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