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Title: 美國影集在台灣─購片與播映的脈絡
American Television Series in Taiwan─The Context of Programme Buying and Broadcasting
Authors: 蔡如音
Ya-Ting LIN
Keywords: 購片
programme buyer
American television series
transnational programme
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 1962年台視成立之時,因為當時技術與設備不足,國府及台視考量政治、國情文化及輿論,遂選擇了美國電視影集作為填補節目時間之用,電視影集【我愛露西】開啟了美國影集在台灣的歷史,自此之後至1993年有線電視合法之前,長達三十年左右的台灣無線電視年代,美國影集歷經興盛到沒落。作為外來電視節目,電視台過去有編制的影片組人員負責挑選影集、至國外參展看片、及洽談價格等,本研究分成兩個部份,第一部份透過訪談無線電視台的影片組人員,以及檢閱相關文獻資料,分析1962-1993年美國影集在台灣電視的購片與播映轉變歷程。 第二部份同樣透過深度訪談的方法,訪談對象為跨國媒體集團在台灣經營的頻道,分別是新聞集團的衛視合家歡台,以及AXN頻道業者,了解美國影集在台灣經營的困難之處。比起本土電視頻道,跨國媒體集團的確有其資金、版權和通路上的優勢,特別是選播美國影集或好萊塢電影,但是訪談結果顯示,在台灣經營美國影集實際上有許多待克服的障礙,衛視合家歡台面臨的是頻道進入系統上架的困難;另一方面,AXN從一開始的動作台不斷調整頻道定位而成為綜合影集電影頻道,也能發現即便是外商經營的頻道也並非順利。選擇從電視頻道端切入美國影集在台灣的歷程,也讓台灣電視產業長久以來的問題及困境浮現。最後,本研究從美國影集這個屬於影視文本、流行文化的課題,嘗試再思考「美國」對台灣社會的意涵與其所佔據的位置。
The year of 1962 when Taiwan’s first television station TTV (Taiwan Television station)was established, owing to the deficiency of the technique and equipment, American television programme was chosen by government and TTV to fill up the time slot functionally and temporarily, while Japan television programme was prohibited because of Japan’s pre-colonized status. From 1962 to 1993, the so-called Taiwan terrestrial television period, American television series experienced its high -and-low in Taiwan, and its changing status as an imported foreign tv programme from prosperity to decline. The paper is aimed to analyze the context of programme buying and broadcasting in Taiwan three terrestrial tv station, and focus on the foreign programme buying. Through out in-deph interviewing the programme buyer of tv station, plus examinating related lituratue and news papers, the paper figures out how programmer buyer make his decision by compromising with social backgrounds at a time. Secondly, in response to local television industry’s difficulties in running American tv series, this paper also looks at what kind of situation does the global media conglomerate face in Taiwan. It is shown that American tv series is not a almighty powerful media product in Taiwan society, and already lost its strength aomong competition from neighboring Asian countries in traditional television imported market.
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