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Title: 閱聽人品牌忠誠度與品牌認同、品牌形象關聯性之研究 :以台灣MTV頻道為例
A Study of correlation of Brand Loyalty, Brand Identity and Brand Image of Audience: Case Study for the MTV Channel in Tai
Authors: 陳炳宏
Ping-Hung Chen
Kang-Yu Chou
Keywords: 品牌忠誠
Brand Loyalty
Brand Identity
Brand Image
MTV Channel
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究是從品牌觀點探討類型頻道觀眾的閱聽行為與該頻道經營者品牌策略操作的關聯性,以品牌認同/形象為基礎,分別從經營者與閱聽人觀點作探討。在閱聽人部份,以品牌忠誠度做為自變項,品牌形象為依變項分別對於該頻道品牌忠誠度的線性關係,檢視閱聽人忠誠度行為在品牌形象的概念上是否有相關性。本研究以MTV頻道為個案研究對象,採用深度訪談(intensive interviews or in-depth interviews)和問卷調查(questionnaire)進行。 研究結果得知,經營者的品牌認同部分僅在頻道符號面向依循總公司編制,其餘像是節目編排、企業行銷活動操作、品牌個性操作等的自主性皆高。而在問卷資料部分,以品牌忠誠度和品牌形象各項構面的相關分析,研究發現品牌忠誠度和閱聽人與頻道關係的相關性最強,達高度相關。其次依序是頻道節目、頻道符號、企業形象、頻道個性,閱聽人自我形象等。
This study, from the point of branding, is mainly discussing the relationship between both audience’s behavior and me media proprietor on strategic operation. Based on Brand Royalty and Brand Image, something can be respectively discussed from the proprietor and the audience. As far as the audience is concerned, the Brand Loyalty on type channel plays a dominant role. It can be an independent variable whereas Brand Image can be anther dependent variable. Through specific channel one may be observed the relationship between the audience’s on loyalty and concept of Brand Image. The MTV channel is taken as a case study using intensive interviews, in-depth interview and questionnaire to be its research method. According to the study, when it comes to specific channel, Brand identity attribute to the proprietor follows the branding strategy from the lead-office only on the “Symbol” item, other strategies such as programming, marketing also brand personality etc. are operated with highly autonomy. From the questionnaire of dimensions related analysis on Brand Loyalty and Brand Image are represented as highly related. Channel program, channel symbol, company image , brand personality of channel and audience’s self –image comes in second.
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