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Title: 置入性行銷置入於新聞性節目對新聞頻道評估判斷之影響研究--以中部大學生為例
The Influence on the Judgment of the News Channel with Product Placement in News Context--Take the College Students in Central Taiwan for Example
Authors: 戚栩僊
Yang Chung-hui
Keywords: 置入性行銷
Product Placement
News Context
Channel Evaluation
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 基於新聞性節目有著新聞專業,以及其以大眾利益為重的特有屬性,日益廣泛流行的產品置入效果顯著,置入性行銷的現象似乎逐漸扭曲新聞的本質。又由於閱聽眾對於新聞性節目的接觸度高,並且新聞性節目的本質是誠實、值得信任,然而當新聞性節目當中出現置入性行銷訊息,則是一種刻意的營造與欺騙,對於廣大的新聞節目收視者而言,當閱聽眾察覺新聞節目當中出現置入性行銷訊息,信任與欺騙之間產生了一大衝突,因此本研究想要了解閱聽眾對於此現象的觀感以及後續可能採取的行為。 本研究針對新聞性節目內出現置入性行銷的現象為主要研究對象,不包含娛樂性節目,如電影、電視偶像劇、連續劇、網路、平面媒體或音樂錄影帶;而目標閱聽眾的選擇是態度較為開放的大學生。就閱聽眾對於察覺新聞情境中出現置入性行銷實的評價做一探討。本研究使用問卷調查法及實驗法進行調查統計與分析,以量化的方式了解閱聽眾的行為。 研究結果發現,閱聽人對新聞性節目的先前態度愈正面,對新聞頻道出現產品訊息產生的認知想法、評估愈負面。閱聽人對置入性行銷的先前態度愈正面,對新聞頻道出現產品訊息產生的認知想法、評估愈正面。閱聽人對新聞頻道出現產品訊息情境態度愈負面,對新聞頻道採取抵制行動愈多。
Because of the feature of profession and audience -oriented attribution of news, the product placement phenomenon seems to torture the nature of news. In addition, the contact of news growing up day by day, the appearance of product placement in news program will do harm to the news channel, because audience are regarded cheated. Therefore, the conflict between trust and deception of news will occur to the audience. This research aims on how the audience feel, evaluate toward product placement news and how the audience take action to the news channel. This research focuses on the news context rather than entertainment context. And choose college students as the target to find out the actions they would take to the product placement news channel. This research uses the method of survey and experiment to analyze the conceptions and actions of the target students. The findings of this research show that the more positive attitude of news schema of the audience, the more negative conception and evaluation of the product placement in news context occurred. The more positive attitude of product placement schema of the audience, the more positive conception and evaluation of the product placement in news context occurred. The more negative attitude toward the news product placement of the audience, the more negative actions they will take.
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