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Title: 論點品質與產品屬性設定:原生廣告之心理模擬效果研究
Argument Strength and Product Attribute: The Effect of Mental Simulations on Native Advertising
Authors: 林慧斐
Lin, Hui-Fei
Huang, Bo-Wei
Keywords: 原生廣告
native advertising
mental simulation
product attributes
argument strength
elaboration likelihood model
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 由於原生廣告干擾性與辨識性較低的特性,其點擊率較傳統橫幅廣告高出許多,但點擊率高並不意味著真正獲得消費者之青睞,本研究旨在探討原生廣告中,若結合廣告中認知面的設計是否能達到更佳的原生廣告效果?因此,本研究採2(心理模擬:過程導向vs.結果導向)x2(論點品質:強vs.弱)x2(產品屬性:享樂型vs.功利型)組間實驗,以瞭解消費者對於原生廣告內容設計之認知態度與購買行為的影響。 研究結果顯示,(1)在原生廣告中,採用功利型屬性相較於享樂型屬性有較佳的產品態度;(2)在原生廣告中,採用強論點相較於弱論點能產生較佳的廣告效果;(3)在功利屬性的原生廣告中,採用結果導向之心理模擬有較佳的廣告態度;(4)在功利屬性的原生廣告中,採用強論點品質有較佳的產品態度;(5)在心理模擬設計的原生廣告中,採用強論點品質有較佳的廣告態度。
Due to the non-intrusive and low recognition of native ads, the click-through rate is much higher than that of traditional banner ads. However, the number of click-through rate does not mean that consumers are really favored. This study aims to explore whether the design of the cognitive-oriented in the native advertisement might generate better advertising effects. An experiment with a 2(Mental simulations: process-focused vs. outcome-focused)x2(Argument Strength: strong vs. weak)x2(Product Attribute: hedonic vs. utilitarian)between-subject design was conducted to identify the impact of consumer perceptions and purchase intention on native advertising. The experiment results show that (1) Native advertisement using utilitarian attribute generates a better product attitude than hedonic attribute; (2) In the native advertisement, the use of strong argument generates a better effects than the weak argument; (3) In the native advertisement of utilitarian attribute, the use of outcome-focused mental simulation generates a better advertising attitude; (4) In the native advertisement of utilitarian attribute, the use of strong argument generates a better product attitude; (5) In the native advertisement of mental simulation design, the use of strong argument has a better advertising attitude.
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