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Title: Barriers and Effects of Parental Involvement on Teacher's Performance and School Development in Northern Rural Belize
Authors: 蔡錫濤
Ted Shir-Tau Tsai
Elias Eduardo Mesh
Keywords: Parental involvement
teacher's performance
school development
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: This study examined one of the critical and social issues related to parental involvement and educational institutions in the northern rural area of Belize Central America. The main focus of this study was to elicit vital information on barriers to parental involvement in northern Belizean schools. It also geared to determine whether parent’s input has significant effects on teacher’s performance and school development. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were utilized to extract interesting data relevant to the topic studied. Data was collected and analyzed to gain insight on the issues of parental involvement, teacher’s performance and school development. It was through a series of inquiries and looking at valuable school records and teacher’s interviews that the effects of parents towards teacher’s performance and school development was determined. For quantitative, a survey was used as the primary instrument to determine barriers to parental involvement in elementary schools. Parents who had children in primary schools and educators served as major participants to provide feedback on the various domains investigated. Results indicated that barriers such as job chores and communication skills served as major determinants for parents not to participate in schools. It could also be brought to light that parental involvement had positive effects on teacher’s performance and school development since parents contributed and assisted providing educational institutions in northern Belize outstanding gains. This study advances our understanding on the different aspects existing within parent-school relationships. It also revealed indispensable roles parental involvement played in educational development and effects triggered on teachers and schools in the northern Belizean society.
Other Identifiers: GN0697740227
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