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Title: 組織多樣化、價值、極大值及組織能力:以巴拿馬蔗糖工業為例
Corporate Diversification, Value, Maximization and Organizational Capabilities: Sugar Cane Industry in Panama
Authors: 林世華
Sieh-Hwa Lin
Marquelda Ruiz Cortez
Keywords: 多樣化
Organizational Capabilities
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: This study applies Matsusaka’s Model which is a dynamic model to the Panama sugar industry. In this model diversification can be a value-maximizing strategy even if specialization is generally efficient. The central idea is that firms are composed of organizational capabilities that can be profitable in multiple businesses and that diversification is a search process by which firms seek businesses that are good matches for their capabilities. Two major sugar cane industries in Panama with their diversified pattern were analyzed to provide concrete and reliable information about their achievements. By the application of the equations content in the model; this study attempt to determinate whether or not this model could explain Sugar Cane industry in Panama. This model would be oriented to determinate diversification pattern on first; following that it would provide corporate and organizational capabilities by mixing internal and external input. Twenty years of production had been provided for those organizations. Diversification patter differs by firm. Two kind of diversification pattern had been showed up. Concentric diversification, where the new business produces products that are technically similar to the company's current product but that appeal to a new consumer group and Conglomerate diversification, where the new business produces products that are totally unrelated to the company's current product and that appeal to an entirely new consumer group.
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