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Title: 貝里斯中等學校師資培育與教師教學實務關係之研究
The Relationship between Teacher Education and Teachers’ Teaching Practices in Secondary Schools in Belize
Authors: 蔡錫濤
Ted Shir-Tau Tsai
Agnela Makin
Keywords: 情境因素
contextual factors
teaching practices
teacher experiences
teacher education
curriculum studies
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: ABSTRACT This study examines the relationship between teacher training and teachers’ teaching practices in the secondary schools in Belize. It attempts to discover the differences in teaching practices between those teachers who have not been in the teacher training program at the University of Belize. The N=304 were teachers teaching at 20 different high schools. Data was obtained through self-evaluation questionnaire. The One-way ANOVA was used to test the effectiveness, satisfaction level for trained teachers which revealed significant results showing that trained teachers see the effectiveness of the instructional techniques courses in their day-to-day teaching. The teaching practices of the male and female teachers were tested using T-test and showed significance only in the Instructional Material category. The female teachers appeared that they particularly engage students into their lesson. A similar analysis was performed between trained and untrained teachers where no significant differences were found. In respect to the perception of the relationship of experience, attitude, instructional methods, instructional materials and knowledge and skills, the correlation analysis showed that there is a positive and strong relationship except for experience. In addition, the regression analysis conducted on knowledge and skills and teaching practices (instructional methods, instructional materials) showed that acquisition of knowledge and skills can impact these positively. The One-way ANOVA administered on the contextual factors yield that there are significant results on three factors. These results suggested that teachers’ perception differ on different issues and appeared to be inconsistent with previous findings. Therefore, more need to be done in providing continuous support for teachers, development of the affective should be emphasized in the curriculum. For teacher practitioners, collaborative work in designing teaching packages and materials should be taken.
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