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Title: 影響宏都拉斯高中教師激勵因素之研究
Factors Affecting High School Teachers’ Motivation in Honduras
Authors: 蔡錫濤
Shir-Tau Tsai
Melissa Dilieth Mendez Valladares
Keywords: 激勵因素
Teachers’ motivation
teachers’ demotivation
motivational factors
demographic data
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Motivation is a natural state of mind that comes from the need of something. Unfortunately, not everybody is motivated; it is here when people need something or someone to help them in this aspect. Teachers in Honduras have this problem, but no one see what is really happening and why educators behave the way they do. Many studies have been made about motivation in different areas, and even in education in general, but not too many focused on teachers’ motivation; this is the reason why this research tends to explore the factors that affect educators’ motivation. A non-experimental quantitative study was conducted through questionnaire survey as data collection technique. The sample for this study includes 364 high school teachers from public schools in Tegucigalpa, capital city of Honduras, getting a response rate of 86.6%. The research used the purposive or judgmental sampling technique of nonrandom or non-probability sampling procedure. The interpretation of the data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-Test and one-way ANOVA test. The findings showed that School Environment and Administration are the two factors that affect teachers’ motivation the most. It also confirms that high school teachers in Honduras are in a neutral point of their motivation. The ANOVA explains that gender and age and the motivational factors are not statistically significant. It also shows that teachers’ salary, years of service, and contract type are statistically significant with some of the motivational factors. In addition, comments about their motivation were provided by some educators, stating that for them the most frustrating aspect in their work life is the Administration followed by School Environment. It is important to note that the findings were limited to public high school teachers and cannot be generalized to teachers of other levels. At the end of the study the researcher concluded that The Ministry of Education in Honduras and high school principals need to work harder in order to improve their teachers’ motivation. Finally, the study also offers some recommendations for the schools and principals, so they can have a view of the situation of their teachers; for the educators, because they also need to help themselves, and future researchers in the area of motivation in Education.
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