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Title: 合約員工之工作身分對合約員工及其直屬主管的影響
Influences of Contractors’ Work Identity on Contractors and Their Supervisors
Authors: 賴志樫
Keywords: 合約員工
blended workforce
nonstandard employment
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究主要目的為探討合約員工之工作身分對合約員工本身及其直屬主管的影響,包含個人觀感與雙方互動。透過質性研究方法:訪談與觀察,研究者蒐集來自三對受訪者的資料,每對由一位合約員工及其直屬主管組成。研究最後討論雙方對彼此觀感與各自面臨的困難或課題,以及因混合型人力結構而衍生出之議題。研究結果顯示合約工作者對其工作身份持不喜之態度;主管對於正職部屬與合約員工的的管理上並無太大不同;就關係而言,合約員工與直屬主管間互動趨向和睦與協和。
The main purpose of this study is to explore the influences the work identity of contractor brings about on contractors and their immediate supervisors. By means of qualitative methods, including interviews and observation, data are collected from three pairs of contractors and their supervisors. In detailed, contractors’ and supervisors’ perspectives toward the identity and problems they meet are discovered in this research. How supervisors supervise the blended workforce is also addressed. Additionally, other related issues are discussed, for example, regular workers’ attitudes toward contractors. The results show that contractors dislike the identity of contractor; there is little difference between supervisors’ supervision over contractors and regular worker; and, there is a peaceful and harmonious relationship between contractors and supervisors.
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