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Title: 透過文化四構面比較區域經濟績效--制度個案研究
A Case Study of Institutional Understanding using Four Cultural Dimensions comparing Regional Economic Performance
Authors: 施正屏
Tony Cheng-Ping Shih
Keywords: 貿易績效
Trade Performance
Cultural Value
Institutional Change
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 根據新制度學派的理論說明制度與制度的改變會影響到經濟績效,本研究建立一經濟模型以解釋文化與美國價值對於美國經濟績效中的自由貿易之影響。透過本模型,獨立文化之價值與區域變數將使用多變量分析之。研究方法則是透過Hofstede的文化四構面分析與施正屏教授的數量模型來分析美國與六大區域三十個國家自1990年到2004年間的貿易往來。
ABSTRACT Based on the theory of the neo-institutional school states that institution and institutional changes affect economic performance, this study examines the impact of culture and American values of free trade on United States’ economic performance by building an econometric model. Through the use of this model the value of independent cultural and regional variables are be measured through the use of econometrics. The approach takes the cultural dimensions defined by Hofstede and an econometric model first build by Shih. The U.S trade with six regions and thirty countries for the period of 1990 to 2004 were examined first. Afterwards, two studies examine if a regional analysis shows significant change in economic performance in conjunction with the regional variables. The first regional study examines the regions rich in human resources against countries rich in natural resources. The second regional study examines different regions that have had long standing trade relationships with the United States. Significant results indicate countries that send students to the United States are prime locations of U.S. import and export. Significant results also indicate that counties that host American students studying abroad are prime locations of U.S. imports and exports. Other significant indicators of economic performance are WTO membership, the disputes filed within the WTO, population, and official language. A regional study pinpoints areas that the United States should focus its effort on so that trade performance can be increased. Key words: Cultural value、Institutional Change、Trade performance
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