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Title: 企業對人力銀行招募網站所提供技術與服務之滿意度
A Study on Recruiter's Satisfaction of Online Recruitment
Authors: 方崇雄
Fang, Chung-Hsiung
Portia Xiao
Keywords: 線上招募網站
Online recruitment site
Job bank
Recruiter's satisfaction
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 快速的網路發展讓人力招募相關事務產生了很大的變化,相關資料指出線上招募網站協助求職者尋找工作職位,然而以招募者觀點來探討線上招募滿意度的資料並不多,因此,此研究在於探討線上招募網站提供的技術與服務對於招募者的滿意度。問卷調查為此研究蒐集資料的方式,樣本為1111人力銀行上公佈職缺之招募者。
Rapid development of the Internet has led to enormous change regarding recruiting issues. Literature shows that the online recruitment sites facilitate job seekers a lot, but meanwhile, we know less about recruiter’s satisfaction towards the service and technique provided by online recruitment sites. For this reason, this research is to probe into recruiter’s satisfaction of online recruitment sites. Questionnaire survey was conducted to collect the data, and the samplings who pay for job vacancies ads are randomly chosen from 1111 Job Bank. The conclusions are summarized as follows: 1. Recruiter’s are satisfied with “computer-operation and customer-service” more than “database performance,” “information and charge,” and “instant service and function” provided by online recruitment sites. 2. Regarding service and techniques provided by online recruitment sites, there are no significant differences in satisfaction between the manufacturing industry and the non-manufacturing industry. 3. The recruiters who use other Job Banks as well are more satisfied than the recruiters who use 1111 Job Bank only.
Other Identifiers: GN0693740097
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