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Title: A Study of the Relationship between
Authors: 朱益賢
Keywords: expatriate adjustment
training program
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The main purposes of this study were: 1. to understand the current situation regarding Taiwanese expatriates’ perceptions of formal pre-departure training programs; 2. to understand Taiwanese expatriates’ adjustments in China; 3. to examine the correlation between Taiwanese expatriates’ perceptions on formal pre-departure cultural, language and practical training programs offered (Hutching, 2003) and their subsequent adjustments to work, interactions with host nationals and the general non-work environment (Mendenhall, Dunbar& Oddou, 1991) in mainland China; 4. to examine the relationship between respondents from different backgrounds and their adjustment to life in China. This study surveyed the current situation of expatriates in two large-scale companies in Taiwan. Out of 73 questionnaires 30 were valid. The following were the statistical methods used: descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, independent sample t-test and one-way ANOVA. The results include: 1. that participants’ perceptions of formal pre-departure training programs are below the average; 2. that participants’ adjustment to China is above average; 3. that there is no correlation found between participants’ perceptions of cultural and language training programs and participants’ adjustment to China, but that some showed the correlation between perceptions of practical training and participants’ adjustment to China; 4. regarding participants from different backgrounds, those who have bachelor’s degree or above adjusted to general non-work environment better than those who were graduated from vocational schools or below. Participants in finance departments adjusted to the general non-work environment better. Participants in high-class management or above adjusted better than those in middle-class management or below.
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