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Title: 雇主品牌對於企業社會責任和求職強度的中介作用:以Y世代的觀點
The Mediating Role of Employer Brand in the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Job Search Intensity: Based on the Perceptions of Generation Y
Authors: 林怡君
Lin, Yi-Chun
Chen, Shi-Yu
Keywords: 企業社會責任
corporate social responsibility
employer brand
generation y
job search intensity
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 由於人力資源供應的減少以及需求的增加,導致了勞動市場上的人才爭奪戰。退休的嬰兒潮也創建了一波波勞動世代的轉換。現今的勞力供需狀況,8000萬Y世代將開始取代現有的勞力。雖然不斷有報導指出,Y世代擁有不同於以往世代的價值觀,但Y世代的工作價值觀的獨特性證據仍是喜憂參半。此外,由於Y世代進入勞動市場時,組織日趨注視企業社會責任(CSR)的相關活動。組織正試圖致力於社會負責任,以便找到更多的「人才解決方案」。然而,很少研究指出組織對社會負責的履行和各種形式的競爭力之間的關係。此外,在人力資源的領域裡,雇主品牌一詞已逐漸受到許多關注與重視。有研究指出,擁有一個強大的雇主品牌,企業較能找到「最好、最聰明」的人才。因此,本研究旨在為一個擁有高程度企業社會責任的組織,能否使其雇主品牌更加有利於未來的員工就職意願。特別是在Y世代勞力越趨於重要的求職背景下,這項議題已經成為當今人力資源管理關注的問題。
Increasing demand along with the decreasing supply for employees has resulted in a war for talent in the labor market. The attending retiring Boomers generation additionally creates a wave of generational transition in the workforce. At the time that almost 76 million Boomers are getting retired, approximate 80 million Generation Y (Gen Y) workforce will begin to feature in the workplace. Although this cohort of generation is reported to have the most distinctive values among different generations, the evidence about Gen Y’s distinctiveness in work values is still mixed. Furthermore, since Gen Y has entered the labor market when organizations become increasingly engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, organizations are attempting to behave in a socially responsible way in order to find more “talent solution” for Gen Y. However, few studies examine the relationship among organization socially responsible fulfillment and various forms of competitiveness; additionally, a rising extensive attention to the employment brands has come to the field of human resources. Researchers have claimed that having a strong employer brand, organizations appears to employ “the best and brightest” talents. Therefore, this study aims at to the extent which an organization practicing in a socially responsible way can make its employer brand more favorable to prospective employees. Especially understanding the views of Gen Y in the context of job search has become significant issues to human resource management nowadays.
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