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Title: 再探一九七○年代初期之保釣運動:中華民國政府之視角
Other Titles: Reexamining Diaoyutai Movement in the Early 1970s: Perspectives from the Government of Republic of China
Authors: 吳任博
Wu, Ren-Bo
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 關於始於一九七○年底的保釣運動,論者經常將焦點放置於留美學人與學生,諸如民族主義、政治覺醒、釣運始末等議題,而欠缺從中華民國政府角度出發的探討。本文擬以庋藏於中研院近史所的《外交部檔案》為主要素材,回頭探查當時的政府與駐外人員如何因應處理釣運。研究結果發現,中華民國政府對於釣魚臺主權問題表現出的容忍與讓步,不外為了爭取美國與日本的支持,促使其繼續反對承認中共,以保中華民國之聯合國席次,因此對學人、學生的請求採取冷處理的態度。然而,駐外人員並不贊同此種作法。其並非不能知曉當局的外交處境,但因身處第一線,乃能客觀盱衡釣運情勢,體會學人與學生感受,故一再呼籲政府應採取具體保衛主權措施,惜未能受到當局的採納。
Previous studies about the Diaoyutai Movement (protests against Japan’s claim to the Diaoyutai Islands, known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan) starting from the early 1970s usually focused on the concerns of Chinese scholars and students in America, specifically the issues of nationalism, political consciousness, or the development of the movement. They failed to examine the perspective of the Republic of China (ROC). In this paper, I try to probe the reactions between consuls and ambassadors in the US and ROC government dealing with Diaoyutai Movement. This research shows that a varieties of aspects for the government’s consideration. A strong need for the support from the U.S. and Japan, retaining their denial of People’s Republic of China (PRC) to keep the place in United Nations, to name only some, induced the government to defer its actions towards protecting Diaoyutai. Owing to the reasons mentioned above, the government chose to ignore the request from the scholars and students overseas. Having commiserated those scholars and students and disagreeing with ways of tolerant and concession, consuls kept making appeals to the government for the sake of sovereignty security, their demands were not accepted however. The story from the government side revealed an unknown infection of the Diaoyutai Movement.
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