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Title: 臺灣「紀實攝影」研究回顧與展望:藝術觀點以外的論調
Other Titles: The Retrospect & Prospect of Documentary Photography in Taiwan: The Argument outside Art View
Authors: 高宜宏
Kao, I-hung
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 紀實攝影(Documentary Photography)係攝影技術出現後的表現風格之一,約略始於十九世紀中葉,並影響臺灣。歷經一個多世紀眾多的社會事件,該領域之名家輩出、照片檔案豐碩。然而長期以來對它的研究較聚焦於藝術層面,直到近十餘年才在歷史學界受到廣泛地重視與應用。大致上,該領域若撇除藝術層面,其研究可以分為「紀實攝影史」與「紀實攝影理論」來研究。前者在歐美學界已有許多專著介紹各時代的攝影師與作品,臺灣學界受限於過去中華民國政府的攝影相關法規以及現今政治因素導致的史觀等影響,尚未有完整而宏觀的論著。紀實攝影理論之研究與討論,則以Susan Sontag 等歐美學者的論點為基礎,並陸續融合藝術史學界、新聞學界及臺灣攝影圈等相關領域,進一步地闡述理論。當今紀實攝影對臺灣歷史學界最顯而易見的影響為「歷史記憶」。歷史記憶儘管已被廣泛研究與運用至少三十餘年,但透過紀實攝影的影像力量,更能讓史學界發揮想像空間。史學家若能將紀實攝影作品與文獻相輔相成,則紀實攝影研究將不再是社會科學與藝術領域的專利。
Documentary Photography began in 19th century and it was introduced into Taiwan soon. Famous men in this field have been through numerous wars and social issues for past more than one century. For a long time, however, most studies of Documentary Photography focusing on artistic level. Being more attention andapplication generally in historical profession over the past decade. Generally, two dimensions in Documentary Photography study: Documentary Photography and The Theory of Documentary Photography when remove art element. There have been many treatises to introduce photographers and works all tomes in the west. Other hand, no complete and overall study in Chinese academia because limited photography law by National Government and historical perspective be influenced by political factors. Susan Sontag is the main researcher in Documentary Photography world. Many supplements and criticism, from around the world including art historians and news scholars, to her theory. The greatest impact on historians from Documentary Photography is historical memory. Historical memory was been studied extensively, whereas thought power of Documentary Photography can inspire imagination of historical circles. If historian had Documentary Photography works and documents complement each other, Documentary Photography research will not belong to only social sciences and art.
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