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Title: 高職電機電子群教師教學信念、教師專業發展與教學效能關係之研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Relationships among Teaching Belief, Teacher Professional Development, and Teaching Efficiency for the Teachers of the Electrical and Electronic Cluster in Vocational High Schools
Authors: 張明文
Ming-Wen Chang
Chung-Hsing Chang
Yu-Ying Yu
Man-Ting Kao
Chien-Yun Dai
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以2013年臺灣地區高職電機與電子群之教師作為研究對象。採問卷調查法,共發出410份問卷回收289份問卷其中有效樣本問卷為268份(比例為92.73%)。探究高職電機電子群教師在進行教學時,其教學信念、教師專業發展與教學效能的關係。研究發現:(一)無論在教師角色、課程與教學、學生差異,皆有良好的教學信念取向。而年資較資深之教學信念優於年資較淺之教師。(二)教師專業發展:整體呈現良好情況,其中以「敬業精神與態度」層面較佳。在不同年資之教師專業發展上有顯著差異。(三)教師教學效能在性別、學歷無顯著差異。但教學效能在不同年齡上具顯著差異。研究結果顯示教師教學信念、教師專業發展及教學效能呈現高度相關,且達顯著水準,高職電機電子群教師教學信念與教師專業發展能有效預測教學效能。
Subjects are selected via convenience sampling from Senior Vocational High School Teachers of Electrical and Electronic Cluster on 2013 in Taiwan. Total 410 questionnaires are distributed to subjects and 289 are returned with 268 valid data (92.73%) then put into statistical analysis process. The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among Teaching Belief, Teacher Professional Development, and Teaching Efficiency of Electrical and Electronic Cluster. Some conclusions obtained based on the results of data analysis are as follows: 1. Teaching belief of the teachers of electrical and electronic cluster reflects a positive orientation in the role of teachers, curriculum, teaching behavior, and student differences. Mentor teachers’ teaching belief is better than novice teachers' from the study. 2. As for teacher professional development, all the teachers reach a standard level. The professional ethics and attitudes are better. The teacher professional development of mentor teachers shows significant differences than novice teachers. 3. Teaching efficiency shows no significant differences in genders and academic background, but it shows significant differences in ages. The study shows teaching belief, teacher professional development, and teaching efficiency shows significant relevance. Teaching belief and teacher professional development can predict teaching efficiency positively.
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