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Title: 技術中學基本能力指標與認證標準之建構:以天主教內思高工為例
Other Titles: A Study of Construction on Basic Competence Indicator and Recognition in Technical High School - An Example of St. Aloysius Technical School Taiwan
Authors: 湯誌龍
Jyh-Lung Tang
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 台灣的高級中等學校課程架構及綱要,約每十年由教育部進行一次修訂。最近一次課綱從2007 年至今仍持續規畫調整中,教育部已正式宣布將於2019 年(108 學年度)實施新課程架構綱要。 無論課程架構與綱要在深度或廣度如何調整,學校行政、教師的最重要任務是:如何讓學生在校學習能達到教育目標、以及讓學生有能力遷移所學,獲得終身學習能力。近年來台灣約有一半以上的高中學生選讀職業類科,在此科技快速發展的時代,學生在有限的在校時間內,確實不容易將日新月異的新科技知識與技能即時傳授給學生,因此,那些以及哪種程度的知識技能內涵項目,需在有限的三年高中學習生活中傳授給學生?如何測試學生是否達到學校各學科的教育目標?還有不同背景的學生又如何擬定教學的進度與教學目標層級等,都是我們全體必須深思的議題。 本研究案例學校:內思高工是天主教耶穌會在全球845 所高中學校之一,已經針對上述問題進行了四年的討論,目前發展出一套學生基本能力項目指標(初稿)以及教師評定學生基本核心能力的評定標準(初稿),採用內部教師焦點團體以及外部專家會議審議的方式,針對學生在校三年學習所需的基本能力進行發展,並於2017 年(106 學年度)著手執行,除每年進行檢討外,將於三年後做最完整的執行報告。
The curriculum structure of high school is normally reformed or adjusted by Ministry of Education (MOE) every 10 years in Taiwan. The new curriculum framework is still developing since 2007 and the MOE announced that the new revision curriculum framework is almost completed and plan to implement in 2019. No matter how wide or how deep the curriculum frameworks are changing, the most important tasks for teachers and school administration is how students' performance match the educational goal and how they apply their learned abilities transfer to lifelong learning. There are around half of high school students are studying in technical school in Taiwan recent year, for the rapid technology developing era and the limited learning hours in school, it could not easy to deliver the newest knowledge or skills to students chasing the rapid changing steps of technology. Therefore what level of contents should we teach to technical school students and how can we evaluate the teaching and learning results to match the educational goals within 3 school academic years are the most important issues we need to considered. Besides, the variety student back grounds definitely cause the teaching schedules and content levels among schools and areas. The example school, St. Aloysius Technical School (SAVS) Taiwan, is one of 845 Jesuit Schools in the world, has discussed the basic competence issues which mentioned above for 4 years and finally developed a set of basic competence standard indicators that is used as the recognition to evaluate student who studying in this school during 3 academic years. The basic competencies are developed by subjects' teachers by Focus Group Technical (FGT) and checked by Expert Panel (EP), the recognition project is started in the year 2017 and would be reviewed every end of academic year.
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