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Title: 我國科技校院有關企業倫理教學之探討
Other Titles: A Study on Business Ethics Teaching at Science-technological University and College in Taiwan
Authors: 劉火欽
Huoo-Chin Liu, Hsiu-Ching Shih
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要探討我國科技校院有關企業倫理教育所採用之教學方法、評量方式,教學上遇到之困難與挑戰,企業經理人認為推動企業倫理政策之動機有哪些,及經理人對學校企業倫理教育之評論與建議。使用調查法進行研究。訪談與問卷之對象為在科技校院講授企業倫理課程之教師、現職企業經理人。研究結果發現現行企業倫理教學方法有十一種;有七種評量方式,以報告為主;並發現教學上缺乏本土教材、師生缺乏實務經驗不利個案教學等有十項問題與挑戰;另經理人認為推動企業倫理動機為追求長期商業利益。本研究提出七項結論,如教學方法以個案教學法與講授法為主;教師與學生缺乏實務經驗不利個案教學。本研究提出教師應進修各種教學方法、將正負面個案對照編寫本土個案教材、倫理議題融入專業課程等七項建議,以利提升科技校院企業倫理教育之教學成效。
The authors studied business ethics teaching at science-technological universitiesand colleges in Taiwan. The content included teaching method, assessment approach,and difficulties and challenges in teaching. Managers’ opinions regarding the motivationto promote business ethics policy, and comments and suggestions about business ethicseducation, were collected using surveys. The instructors of business ethics courses andcorporate managers were interviewed and surveyed. The study found eleven differentteaching methods of business ethics. There were seven assessment approaches, mostusing a form of report. In addition, ten issues and challenges were found. Issuesincluded a lack of local teaching materials, and teachers’ and students’ lack of practicalexperience, which unfavorably affected teaching of cases studies. Managers believe thatthe motivation for promoting business ethics is to benefit long-term business interests.The study arrived at seven conclusions such as case and lecturing methods being usedas the main method of teaching, and that teachers’ and students’ lack of practical experience is not beneficial for teaching using case studies. From the data, the authorsrecommend that teachers learn more teaching methods, prepare positive and negative local case studies for teaching, and introduce ethical issues into professional courses to enhance the effectiveness of business ethics teaching.
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