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Title: 北區技職校院學生自我認同、情緒管理與後設認知對網路使用行為之相關性研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Self-Identity, Emotional Management, Metacognition, and Internet Using Behavior among Vocational College Students in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 謝麗君
Li-jiun Hsieh, Yu-Chi Peng, Yi- Chen Chang)
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學工業教育學系
Department of Industrial Education, NTNU
Abstract: 科技資訊的快速發展改變了人類的網路使用行為,包括資訊搜尋、溝通聯繫、購物等行為,使得傳統的教學活動轉換成數位學習的時代,學習者在學習歷程中,從資料搜尋、溝通到製作報告等都能應用網際網路資源,而學習者的人格心理特質與學習成效是有關聯性的,在網路使用行為上也可能因人格特質不同而產生差異。研究目的欲建構人格心理相關之特質與網路使用行為之相關性,期能有助於變項關係的深度理解。本研究以技職校院學生之「自我認同」、「情緒管理」與「後設認知」為潛在變項,探討與「網路使用行為」間之影響關係。本研究以技職校院為研究對象,採非隨機便利抽樣,共有314份有效問卷。經由結構方程模式分析後,研究結果如下:一、技職校院學生「自我認同」與「情緒管理」平均分數較低,顯示自我認同與情緒覺知的能力需要再強化;二、技職校院學生的「自我認同」對「後設認知」有正向影響;三、技職校院學生的「後設認知」對「網路使用行為」有正向影響;四、技職校院學生的「後設認知」對「情緒管理」有正向影響;五、技職校院學生的「自我認同」對「情緒管理」有正向影響;六、技職校院學生的「情緒管理」對「網路使用行為」有正向影響。最後,在研究建議上也提出實務意涵。
Rapid development of information technology has changed the Internet Using Behavior (IUB) on human, including information search process, communication, shopping and others. With the impact of IUB, traditional curricular programs were converted into an e-learning format. Learners also utilize internet resources to find information, communicate with each other, and co-work on homework. However, Learners' personality traits are associated with their learning achievement as well as their IUBs. The purpose of this study was to explore the correlation between personal traits on psychology and IBU in hope of delivering an insightful understanding of that to this study. On variables used in this study, Self-Identity (SI), Emotion Management (EM), and Meta-Cognition (MC) were made as latent variables, and IUB was taken as dependent variables. The study included 314 valid questionnaires, used convenient sampling method and took vocational college students as our research subject. Structure Equation Modeling (SEM) analysis, was mainly introduced to our study among vocational college students, revealed: 1. "SI" and "EM" have lower average scores. 2. "SI" has a positive impact on "MC". 3. "MC" has a positive impact on IUB. 4. "MC" has a positive impact on "EM". 5. "SI" has a positive impact on "EM". 6. "EM" has a positive impact on the IUB. At the end of this study, we also proposed practical implications for the future research.
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