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Title: 節慶之島的現代奇觀: 台灣新興節慶活動的現象淺描與理論初探
Other Titles: The Island of Festivals: The Empirical Snapshots and the Theoretical Groundings of the Modern Festivals in Taiwan
Authors: 吳鄭重
Peter Cheng-Chong Wu
Bonifacio Po-Jen Wang
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 在過去二十年問,台灣開始出現一股新興節慶的熱潮,逐漸改變現代社會的生活節奏與地方關係。相較於台灣傳統的歲時節慶幸口戒嚴時期的政治節塵,這些從1990 年代開始湧現的現代節慶,讓台灣變成一個宛如「節慶之晶」的現代奇觀。為了充分掌握此一節慶滲透生活與再現地方的特殊現象,本丈試圖採取一種社會學印象派的淺描探索取徑。首先,藉由電子新聞資料庫的搜尋整理,粗淺地勾勒出台灣現代節慶時空分布的初步輪廓。其次,運用Weber 理念型的分析描述概念,歸納出地方產業創新節、藝丈統理節、傳統再現節、消費紀念日/購物狂歡節和小眾嘉年華等五種現代節慶理念範型的初步類型。接著,整合Lefebvre 有關日常生活批判、節奏分析和空問生產等理論觀點,並借用Bryman 的迪士尼樂園化和Hannigan 的夢幻城市等節慶技術概念,為此一節慶滲透生活的新興現象,提供概念理解與內涵分析的理論基礎。然後,進一步追溯這些現代節慶的政治經濟根源與社會丈化脈絡,以作為後續深入研究台灣節慶現象的具體脈絡。最後,本丈提出「回歸生活,貼近地方」的節慶反思,作為探索台灣新興節慶現象的初步結論。
In last twenty years, there has been a mushrooming of new festivals in Taiwan. Unlike traditional festivals or the political festivals, which prevailed in the martial-law period between 1949 and 1987, the modem festivals which appeared after the 1990s have changed the rhythms of daily life and reshaped the places to the extent that makes this island a “spectacle of festivals." Therefore, this paper attempts to employ a sociological impressionist approach to explore this phenomenon, firstly, by highlighting the time-space distributions ofthe modem festivals and events in Taiwan throagh the on-line news database. Secondly, in doing so it identifies five ideal types of the modem festivals in Taiwan. Thirdly, by incorporating Lefebvres theories on everyday life, rhythmanalysis, and the production of space, as well as Bryman's concepts of “Disneyization" and Hannigan's ideas of “fantasy city", this article constructs a theoretical ground for a conceptual understanding of this phenomenon philosophically and technically. Moreover, the political-economy origins and the socio-cultural contexts of the modem festivals in Taiwan are carefully traced in order to provide the necessary social contexts for further research. Finally, this paper concludes by casting a new light on the “ Island of Festivals" from the perspectives of everyday life and local culture.
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