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Title: 日本幼兒防災教育初探
Other Titles: Disaster Prevention Education for Young Children of Japan
Authors: 陳雅妏
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 「防災教育」乃有效強化與落實防災工作的重要基礎。台灣於地震、颱洪及坡地等災害之風險高居世界首位,落實防災教育向下紮根,從幼兒階段開始應培養良好習慣與防災素養。本文以地理條件與我國相似的先進國家─日本為研究對象。日本推行防災教育行之有年,本研究整合日本經驗,針對教育制度面與實務推廣面進行分析,分析重點涵蓋日本幼兒防災教育法規政策的制定,幼兒防災相關課程與教材的設計,以及結合社區參與的推廣防災教育機制等層面,並進一步歸納出可供我國幼兒防災教育政策發展與實務推動參考的三個面向:(1)教育政策面--防災教育政策端賴完善法規基礎,應制訂明確的相關法規;(2)課程內容面--編撰設計應貼近幼兒需求且開發豐富多元的防災教材;(3)實務推廣面--透過幼童、家長與學校及社區居民的結合,建立「防災共同體」的社區參與防災教育機制。以上,期能對我國在防災教育政策向下紮根的推展上,及強化社會整體的抗災能力上,提供參考效益。
Disaster prevention education is the basic task in enhancing and promoting disaster prevention work. Taiwan is the top country among those exposed to the risks of multiple disasters in the world. Therefore, it is essential to implement disaster prevention education to help children develop good habits and skills for disaster prevention during their early childhood. This article introduces and analyzes the spirit and practice of disaster prevention education for young children in Japan, as its natural environmental is very similar to Taiwan. Based on Japan’s experiences, we reached a tri-fold conclusion, which we believe would be a good reference for the development of disaster prevention education for young children in Taiwan. The first is educational policy. Concrete educational laws and regulations should be established and laws-based policy for disaster prevention education should be seriously practiced. The second is educational content. An Integrated curriculum and various teaching materials should be developed to meet young children’s needs. The third is the practice of community participation. Promotion mechanisms connecting young children, their parents and the communities they belong to should be established and encouraged. By doing so, we expect the spirit, knowledge and skills of disaster prevention can be rooted in young children’s minds and thus pave a brighter path for disaster prevention education in the future.
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