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Title: 展演道地:臺北族裔風味餐廳個案研究
Other Titles: Performing Authenticity: Case Studies of Ethnic Restaurants in Taipei
Authors: 高郁婷
Yu-ting Kao, Chih-hung Wang
Issue Date: Nov-2018
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文探討臺灣主要族群,即原住民族、客家、「外省」、閩南及東南亞新移民等,其族裔風味料理的建構和商業化,以及「道地口味」的展演策略。筆者梳理既有文獻,指出族裔飲食的道地性,既是離散懷鄉的場域,也是文化經濟的口味區位,以及跨域交流的日常節點,分別對應著文化、經濟與社會功能。然而,商業脈絡下族裔風味餐廳展演道地的策略,既強化了特定族裔形象,卻也透露了族裔劃界的不確定性。最後,作者主張進一步考察「道地之為用」,方有助於了解族裔遷徙和食物交流下的複雜飲食地景。
This paper explores how cuisines emphasizing ethnic flavors and featuring the major ethnic groups in Taiwan are constructed and commercialized, while also discussing the performing strategies people use to sell these “authentic flavors.” Based on previous studies, the authors show how the authenticity of ethnic food forms arenas of nostalgic diaspora, sites of flavor differentiation, and the everyday nodal points for trans-border exchanges that respectively align with cultural, economic, and societal functions. Still, given the commercial aims of the restaurants selling ethnic cuisines, strategies to perform authenticity tend to strengthen particular ethnic images while revealing that ethnic delineations are not stable. The authors conclude that further research on the “use of authenticity” is required for people to understand the complicated food landscape gradually formed during ethnic migration and food exchanges.
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