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Title: 筆算能力與數字常識表現之差異性的探討
Other Titles: Exploring the Difference between Computational Performance and Number Sense
Authors: 楊德清
Issue Date: Sep-1998
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 這份研究提供台灣國小六年級與國中二年級學生在筆算能力與數字常識之表現。 臺灣學生的總體表現在筆算能力上是一般都比數字常識的表現還好,學生在筆算測驗的平均成績是顯著地優於要求使用數字常識觀念的平行問題之平均成績,研究結果顯示具有良好的計算技巧並不一定伴隨著數字常識觀念之發展。
This research provides information on the written computation and number sense of Taiwanese elementary school students in grade 6 and junior high school students in grade 2. Taiwanese students' overall performance on written computation was typically higher than their performance on the number sense tests. Student performance on test items asking written computation was significantly better than on the parallel questions relying on number sense. The results indicate that high skill in written computation is not necessarily accompanied by number sense.
Other Identifiers: 3DB21DDB-86B9-C306-8BB6-7AAFE3A4E5B0
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