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Title: 人文主義之休閒理念
Other Titles: Leisure Life in Modern Time--A Humanistic Perspective
Authors: 莊淑姿
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學公民教育與活動領導學系
Department of Civil Education and Leadership, NTNU
Abstract: 休閒是現代人生活中重要的一部分,在經濟發達的現代社會,休閒得到人們充裕的時間與制度的支持而發展。但人們有了發展休閒的各類條件,是否就能擁有優質的休閒生活呢?休閒的發展需要質量並重,而要發展良性的休閒則必須從休閒的基本理念及人類的生活本質去加以探討;否則社會愈加開放,各式的閒活動被創造發展,但若缺乏休閒文化及中心思想,則反可能成為社會問題。人文主義是人類思想中十分重要的哲學理念,以人為本,實踐生活,以人類的自由與尊嚴之發展為依歸,是類思想的終極價值觀。本文從人文主義的思想及休閒的本質出發,嘗試探討現代人應有的休閒生活觀,期使人們思考並擁有完美健全的休閒生活。
Leisure is an important part of modern life. Modern people have more free time and have better institution for “leisure”. But in reality, is modern people would actually enjoy quality leisure live, it is still not very sure. Well leisure life must be enriched in both quality and quantity. In order to achieve a quality leisure life, people have to take basic concepts of leisure and essence of human being into their considerations. Humanism is a very important philosophic thought to explain the meaning of human being. This article begins with discussing the value and content of leisure, and illustrates leisure values for modern people from a humanistic point of view. We wish that modern people could car more about and would have better leisure through these discussions and illustrations.
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