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Title: 日本實習輔導教師制度之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Mentor Teacher System in Japan
Authors: 楊思偉
Issue Date: Jul-1998
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 日本自1992年度起全面實施「初任教師研修制度」,本研究即以初任教師研修制度中的「指導教員」,視同於我國之實習輔導教師,而對其制度之內涵,包括如何選任、理想特質、培養方式、實施體制、配合措施、經費、評鑑等加以研究探討。日本初任教師研修制度,乃定位在在職進修的第一步,因此分校內進修與校外進修兩大重點,而校內進修部分,即是以輔導教師為主,指導新任教師各種與教師有關的知識與方法。輔導教師之選任基本上從優良教師中選任,必須具服務熱誠者;而實施體制則以納入全校行政職掌分配中執行,屬全校性重要工作;而配合措施方面,政府在人事經費上給予特別編列,以使工作能順利進行,以上為其制度之特色。本研究的建議在於期望相關單位重視一年實習的整體規劃;選任實習輔導教師亦應具較明確之規定與方式;另外政府應對政策之實施,給予人事及經費等項目之籌列,以使工作能順利完成;進而,應對整體新制師資培育政策,特別是實習制度如何和職前教育及在職進修加以統整的問題,需要進行進一步地檢討與改進。
In Japan,“The Training System of Probationary Teachers” has been generally applied to all the schools since 1992. The“support teacher”, considered as “mentor teacher” in Taiwan, plays important role in“The Training System of Probationary Teachers”. This study is focusing on“support teacher” and the contents of the training system including the selection and the ideal characters of mentors, the program for training the mentor, the supporting system, the implement organization, budgets, and the evaluation of mentor's work. ”The Training system of Probationary Teachers”, considered as the first step of the in-service training, includes in-school training and out-school training. For the in-school training, mentors are the main advisers for mentoring new teachers and enhancing their teaching techniques and specialized knowledge. Mentors are chosen from exemplary and enthusiastic teachers, and the implement organization is put into the whole school administrative unit to execute the mentoring system. Furthermore, to push on forward with the training system, the Japan Government make special efforts for organizing personnel affairs and drawing up budgets. The above is the features of“The Training System of Probationary Teachers”. Some suggestions, based on this investigation, are proposed. The Government should pay attention to those and make synthetic plan for mentoring system. They are as follows: (1)overall strategies for one year teaching practice and mentoring the student-teacher. (2)more clear rules for selecting the mentors. (3)special measure for organizing personnel affairs and drawing up budgets. (4)entire evaluation for the reformed teacher cultivating policy, especially for the teaching practice, pre-service education and in-service training.
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