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Title: 大學校院教師「違反聘約情節重大」案例暨相關法律問題探討
Other Titles: Research on Cases and Legal Issues Involved in College and University Teachers’ Serious Violation of Employment Contracts
Authors: 黃源銘
Yuan-Ming Huang
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 晚近愈來愈多的司法裁判顯示,教師因違反聘約而遭學校停聘、解聘或不續聘,其中包括未經核准在外兼課、兼職、未能限期升等、未通過教師評鑑,以及未於規定年限取得博士學位⋯⋯等類型。《教師法》第14條第1項第14款規定:「違反聘約情節重大」構成停聘、解聘及不續聘之法律效果,上述事實雖可能「違反聘約」,但是否即屬「情節重大」不無疑問。本文首先歸納整理「違反聘約情節重大」之裁判類型;其次,就違反聘約情節重大得否由當事人於聘約中約定,以及違反聘約是否即屬情節重大等疑義,進行學說與實務之探討;再者,主管機關對違反聘約情節重大之核准權,究應採高密度之監督或低密度之審查一併進行檢討;最後,檢視司法裁判對於教師工作權保障之價值取捨並提出本文考察之心得。
A growing number of judicial cases have revealed that the violation of employment contracts by teachers could lead to dismissal or nonrenewal of contracts, which could result from unapproved side jobs, unsuccessful faculty promotion, failed faculty evaluation, or the inability to obtain a doctoral degree within the deadline. Although in Chapter III of the Teachers’ Act, Article 14-1 stipulates that teachers seriously violating employment contracts could be suspended, dismissed, or non-renewed, it still remains debatable whether the abovementioned are to be regarded as “serious violation”. To look into this issue, this paper first summarizes the adjudication of serious employment contract violation, and then explains the major actions constituting serious employment contract violation theoretically and practically. Further, the issue regarding whether the educational administrative authorities in validating the condition of “serious violation of employment contract” should be exercised by high-density super vision or by law-density screening is also reviewed. Based on the discussion, this paper then examines the value of judicial adjudication on university autonomy and protection of teachers’ right to work and finally proposes recommendations.
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