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Title: 愛的教育,鐵的紀律?父母教養方式與青少年心理健康之相關
Other Titles: Warm Support vs. Iron Discipline?The Relation between Parenting and Adolescent Mental Health
Authors: 陳婉琪
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 父母親教養如何影響子女的心理健康?以「臺灣教育長期追蹤資料庫」之國中生樣本進行分析,本文再次印證既有之結論父母關愛支持對子女心理健康帶來正面影響,而嚴厲教養帶來負面影響,並且進一步回答了幾個問題。首先,只要不採用嚴厲的教養,並提供子女適度監督,便可以輕微減少焦慮、憂鬱等負面心理症狀。其次,高度的關愛支持能夠稍微緩衝嚴厲教養所帶來的不良影響。接著,針對家長性別發現,父親具有獨立於母親的影響力,其影響強度與母親不相上下。最後,區分子女性別後,原先的監督管教正效應僅出現在「父子」及「母女」的親子配對上。此結果指出,同性別家長對子女可能具有某種程度的重要性。最後,值得注意的是,儘管父母監督管教有助於子女心理健康,但影響幅度仍遠小於父母提供的關愛與支持。
Based on the data analysis from the Taiwan Education Panel Survey (TEPS), this study examines how adolescents' mental health is correlated with parenting behavior among 12,753 ninth-grader students in Taiwan. In addition to reconfirming the positive influence of parental support and negative effect of harsh parenting on adolescents' mental health, this study also contributes to the literature as follows. First, as long as harsh parenting does not prevail, proper discipline and monitoring are positively correlated with adolescents' mental health. Second, high parental support could mitigate the negative impact of harsh parenting. Third, fathers' parenting effect differs from mothers', and both are equally important. Lastly, the positive influence of pareatal monitoring on child's mental health mentioned above only occurs in father-son and mother-daughter pairs. The results suggest that the same-sex parent may play a more crucial role in adolescents' mental health development. Moreover, although parental monitoring has a positive effect on adolescents' mental health, parental care and support remain the most crucial factors.
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