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Title: 中等學校師資培育課程的發展特色與教育專業課程的能力指標分析
Other Titles: The Curriculum Development Characteristics and Competence Indicator Analysis of the Secondary School Teacher Education Programs
Authors: 吳淑禎
Shu-Chen Wu
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討中等學校師資培育課程的發展特色,以及教育專業課程所能達成的能力指標分析。本研究採文件分析法、調查法以及訪談法,探討41所師資培育學校的課程發展特色、290位師資生,以及1,538位大一學生對課程特色的知覺與期待。其次,了解課程實施概況並分析10個教育專業科目所能達成的能力指標。本研究顯示,各校對中等學校師資培育課程的發展特色,包括教育專業、教學態度、實務與實習等19項特色,其中,實務與實習是師資生知覺與期待的特色。其次,訪談發現:一、現行教育專業課程從科目出發,未能要求具體能力指標,難與實務接軌;二、考試領導教學,影響實質教學;三、遴選與教師檢定方式,無法有效評量教師能力。研究也顯示,教育基礎與教育方法等10個課程科目,可達成規劃、教學、管理、評鑑,以及專業發展等五個層面、12個向度、35項能力指標。
This study was aimed to explore the development characteristics of the secondary school teacher education programs and to analyze the professional competence indicators that these programs achieved. The data were collected through documents, surveys ,and interviews. The sample consisted of program curriculums from 41 colleges as well as the perception and expectation of 290 pre-service teachers, 1,538 freshmen, and 22 experts.The results showed that the development of these teacher education programs was characterized by educational specialty, teaching attitude, practice and internship, etc. Especially, practice and internship were not only the pre-service teachers' real perception but also their expectation. The research also found that: (1) the subject-based curriculum lacked competence indicators to meet the requirements of current practice; (2) the exam-driven teaching influenced the quality of learning; (3) the methods of certificating and selecting failed to measure new teachers' abilities. In addition, the research also indicated that 10 courses in educational foundations and teaching methods could achieve 35 competence indicators in 12 dimensions,including planning, teaching, management, evaluation ,and professional development.
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