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Title: 教學卷宗在中小學教師專業評鑑的應用
Other Titles: Teaching Portfolios as a Tool for Teacher Appraisal: A Critical Evaluation of the Experiences of America's National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Authors: 宋曜廷
Issue Date: Mar-2007
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣目前正積極推動中小學教師的專業評鑑,遭遇的困難之一為缺乏明確的評鑑方案與工具。本文針對美國國家教學專業標準委員會(NBPTS)目前採用的教學卷宗作為評量工具的作法與經驗進行介紹,分析損益因素,並提出NBPTS採用卷宗評量對臺灣教師專業評鑑的啟示:一、宜設立兼具一般領域和特定領域的教師專業標準;二、專業的評定宜同時包含教師教學和學生學習;三、教學卷宗的評鑑歷程應該同時發揮評定專業和發展專業的功能;四、採展示型卷宗和評鑑型卷宗循序推進的評鑑進程;五、同時採用質化和量化的方法來評估教學卷宗作為評鑑方案的有效性。
At present, Taiwan is actively promoting the evaluation of teachers' expertise in elementary and middle school. One of the difficulties that has been encountered is the lack of valid assessment programs and tools. The goal of this article is to introduce and analyze a method of appraising teachers now used by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) in the USA: the use of teaching portfolios as an evaluation tool. We critically analyze the benefits and costs of using teachers' portfolios for teacher appraisal, and then propose five implications from NBPTS experiences for Taiwan policy makers: 1) setting up the teaching professional standards which are applicable for domain-independent and domain-specific expertise; 2) the teacher appraisal should include instructors' teaching as well as students' learning; 3) implementing teaching portfolios as a tool for professional evaluation and professional development; 4) using show-case portfolios and evaluation portfolios sequentially to enhance teachers' acceptance of the portfolio as a tool of assessment ; 5) utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the effectiveness of the program of teaching portfolios evaluation.
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