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Title: 國小初任教師教學信念及其有效教學表現之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Novice Elementary School Teachers' Teaching Beliefs and Their Performances in Teaching
Authors: 黃儒傑
Issue Date: Mar-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以臺北縣市國小初任教師為對象,透過問卷調查之實施,了解國小初任教師的教學信念與其有效教學表現的現況及其關係。研究對象係從臺北縣市抽取171所學校,回收410份問卷。問卷調查資料經採多變量變異數分析、積差相關分析、典型相關分析等統計方法,進行資料的分析。研究結果發現一些重要結論,首先,男女初任教師在教學信念上存在著少許的差異,而且在有效教學表現上,女性初任教師稍微優於男性初任教師。再者,教學信念與有效教學表現具有相關性,而且以效能層面與有效教學表現的關係較為密切。第三,教學信念各層面對有效教學表現各層面大約具有總變異量一成三至一成九的預測力,並且效能層面最具預測力。此外,本研究並依據前述研究結論,提出一些相關建議。
Using questionnaire, this study aimed to understand current novice elementary teachers' beliefs about teaching and their performances in effective teaching, and to investigate the relations among novice teachers' teaching beliefs and their performances in effective teaching. Novice elementary teachers in Taipei City and Taipei County were administered questionnaires in this study. Four hundred and ten questionnaires were returned. MANOVA, correlations, and canonical correlations were used for data analysis. This study found some important conclusions. First, some differences in beliefs about teaching had been found between novice male teachers and novice female teachers, and novice female teachers' performances in effective teaching is better. Second, beliefs about teaching were positive correlated to performances in effective teaching, The dimension of effectiveness belief about teaching was more closely related to performance in effective teaching. Third, the dimension of beliefs about teaching can predict 13% to 19% of the variation in performances in effective teaching. The dimension of “effectiveness belief” about teaching has a stronger predictive effect. Suggestions for the study of teacher education are provided in the conclusions.
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