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Title: 重新發現教科「書」的歷程:從物質文化看教科書的潛在課程
Other Titles: The Trajectory of Rediscovering theText-BOOK: Approaching the Hidden Curriculum of the Textbook from a Material Culturist Perspective
Authors: 彭秉權
Ping-Chuan Peng
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 2005年筆者在北部某大學講授「潛在課程」,一份期末報告敘說了學生在成長過程中對教科書的愛恨情仇,這些大家熟悉的情感與經驗揭露了既有教科書研究方法的不足,促使筆者重新思考這本「書」的存在,不只是個傳統科技的文字載具,也是青少年日常生活裡不可或缺的物件。之後10年,筆者嘗試從物質文化的角度重新檢視這本書對學習與社會化的影響。本文以倒敘的方式先分享筆者尋找物質之理論意涵的歷程,放眼教育社會學的批判傳統,從古典理論,到繼起的文化研究、後現代、後結構,乃至近期的後人文思想,儘管處理物質的方式殊異,但皆無損其重要性。之後再引用部分理論來敘說、反芻當年的情事,完成延宕多年的回應。本文希望能為教育研究者與工作者開啟物質文化取向在教科書、潛在課程與青少年次文化,乃至學習、教育科技、政策及課程與教學等領域的應用。
The author has taught a course on hidden curriculum at a university in the northern Taiwan in 2005. A term project on students’ normal but forgotten affection to textbooks unwittingly revealed the limit of the critical approaches in textbook studies. New theories were desperately needed. The author, therefore, has begun reconsidering the existence of the “book” as more than a vehicle of words made by outdated printing technology, but also an everyday necessity for students’ social practice and learning. After years of searching, the author was convinced that material cultural studies are helpful in exploring the effect of the book for researchers and educators interested in studying textbook, hidden curriculum, and youth cultures, and issues of learning, educational technologies and policy, as well as curriculum and pedagogy. This article is a flashback. It begins with the author’s exploration of a long lost yet problematic- matter- in sociological theories of education from the critical classic to the posties. Although the concern of matter varies with theoretical approach, its significance is hardly disputable. A few theoretical tools are thereby employed to answer the decadelong belated classroom comment.
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