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Title: 由教科書內容看臺灣教育社會學學科架構的發展
Other Titles: On the Development of the Disciplinary Framework of Sociology of Education in Taiwan: An Analysis of Textbooks Published from 1960s to 2010s
Authors: 張建成
Jason Chien-Chen Chang
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 臺灣教育社會學的發展,至今可分為四個階段,即1960年代之萌芽期、1970年代之奠基期、1980年代中後期起始之開展期、以及2006年以降的開展後期。據此,本文分析各個階段之教科書內容,探討臺灣教育社會學學科架構之形成及演進。整體而言,自1960年代迄今,臺灣教育社會學之學科架構,大致由五個部分所構成,分別是教育社會學的學科論、教育的社會功能、教育的社會環境、教育系統的社會學分析、以及學校教育的社會學分析,至於各部分的組成元素,詳見本文之整理與歸納。
Up to the present, development of sociology of education in Taiwan can be divided into four stages. They are: preliminary stage (the 1960s), foundation-laying stage (the 1970s), expansion stage (from mid-1980s), and late-expansion stage (2006 to date). This article analyzed contends of textbooks of each stage, exploring the formation and evolution of the disciplinary framework. On the whole, from 1960s till now, the framework has been made up of five parts: sociology of education as a discipline, social functions of education, social contexts of education, sociological analysis of education system, and sociological analysis of schooling. Further details can be found in this article.
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