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Title: 大學商機
Other Titles: Generating More Revenues for Universities: New Strategic Plans for Higher Education Fund Raising in Taiwan
Authors: 蓋浙生
Issue Date: Jun-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 臺灣高等教育在近15年來快速擴展下,高等教育經費受到稀釋,影響大學品質的提升。目前,無論是公私立大學,在府補助款無法增加,學雜費又難以調漲下,能否讓財務結構走向多元化,對大學未來經營至關重要。基此,本文論述者有四:其一、探討近年來英美大學財政改革的現況。其二、臺灣公立大學自1995年試辦校務基金至全面實施以來,對政府及大學的成效為何。其三、公私立大學可否藉由拓展大學商機,獲得更多的財源,以挹注經費的不足,改善大學品質。其四、大學創造商機,是否損及學術的價值,或締造雙贏,在理念與現實間二者如何調和。
During the past fifteen years, the rapid expansion of higher education in Taiwan has reduced the government's allocated budget for each university, which consequently has affected the improvement of the quality of universalities. In the current situation, with a limitation on the increase of both government support and tuition, it is crucial for both public and private universities to construct a more diversified financial framework for the sake of future management. This paper discusses the following issues: (1) the current status of financial reform in American and British universities in recent years; (2) the outcomes of the university fund initiative, implemented by public and private universities since 1995, and its influence on the government and universities; (3) the question of whether public and private universities can increase their budgets and improve the quality of universities by pursing profit; (4) the question of whether the pursuit of profit weakens academic values or creates a win-win situation; (5) the problem of maintaining a balance between ideals and reality in higher education.
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