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Title: 邁向倫理為主的經濟思維:P. Ulrich「統整的經濟倫理學」及其教育蘊義
Other Titles: Towards an Ethically-based Economic Thinking: A Study on P. Ulrich’s “Integrative Economic Ethics” and Its Implications for Education
Authors: 劉子菁
Tzu-Chin Liu
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 新自由主義的市場化理念與競爭機制引發許多爭議,但現代經濟學背後的運作邏輯恐怕才是問題的主要根源。本研究旨在探討P. Ulrich的核心思維,以釐清當前教育中的經濟迷思,使教育遠離經濟主義。「統整的經濟倫理學」的核心內涵包括:第一,「統整」取徑是一種以「經濟倫理」為導向的思維,使經濟為生命服務。第二,以「社會—經濟理性」做為經濟活動的規範基礎,其中,倫理理性優先於「純」經濟理性。第三,不同於「矯正」與「規範」取徑的科學化路線,「統整」取徑整全地包含憲法、制度與行動層次。最後,本文提出「統整」取徑有助於釐清經濟與教育的關係,破除當前教育裡的「市場偶像」,使教育免於淪為經濟的附庸,而造成全人教育的消失。此外,「統整」取徑支持教育以倫理價值為優先,透過理性的溝通與對話,省思生活世界中經濟課題的倫理意涵。
The ideas of marketization and competition mechanism of contemporary neoliberalism have caused plenty of controversies. However, instead of neoliberalism, the logics behind modern economics is probably the root of the problems. This study aims to analyze Peter Ulrich’s thought for clarifying the economic myth in education, i.e. guiding education to be distant from economism. The central contents of Ulrich’s “integrative economic ethics” are as below. Firstly, the “integrative” approach is an economic-ethical thinking, aiming at the service of life. It leads a market society toward civilization from economic ideology. Secondly, “socio-economic rationality” is the normative foundation of economic activities in which ethical rationality is prior to “pure” economic rationality. Thirdly, different from the scientific route emphasized by “corrective” and “normative” approaches, the “integrative” approach holistically encompasses constitution, system and action level. In conclusion, the “integrative” approach contributes to clarify the relationship between economy and education. It sheds light to break “idol of the market place” in education. Education is no longer an economic instrument by which the idea of holistic education is eliminated. In this way, education can help individuals establish ultimate goals based on the ethical value through rational communication and dialogue, cultivating students in reflecting ethical meaning within economic issues.
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