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Title: 教育研究在教育政策形成中的地位
Other Titles: The Status of Educational Research in Educational Policy-Making
Authors: 許智香
Issue Date: Jan-1999
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文的目的在於探索教育研究和教育政策形成之間的關係。史雷比(Slavin, 1990)認為教育作為一應用領域,教育研究的目的是在提供資訊,並引導教育實踐的改進。我們瞭解到,教育研究要轉化為教育政策是一個複雜微妙的過程,並非簡單的線性關係。但是教育研究的意義和價值是值得肯定和重要的。首先,本文先就教育研究的知識基礎、方法和成果來進行理解,以掌握教育研究本身的發展和變遷。其次,研究者和政策者所處的是兩個不同的文化,必須先瞭解雙方不同的特質和脈絡環境,才有可能進一步思索其間的關係。最後,探討卡洛‧韋斯(Weiss, 1979)所提出的社會科學研究在教育政策形成中的七個運用模式¾研究發的、問題解決的、互動的、政治的、策略的、啟蒙的、研究作為智識事業之一部分¾的適當性和有效性。以便確立教育研究在教育政策形成過程中的合理地位。
The aim of this paper is to explore the relation between educational research and educational practice. Slavin (1990) claims that education is an applied field and the purposes of educational research are to provide information and lead the progress of educational practice. We know the inverting process from educational research to educational policy is very complex, it is not a simple linear-relation. However, the meaning and value of educational research are certain and important. At first, we must understand the knowledge basis, methods and results of educational research. Secondly, the situations of policymaker are different from those of researcher. Therefore; it is very important to discuss the essence and the context of both. Finally, Weiss (1979:31) explored the problems of social science research's utility and expressed seven models of research utilization. They are beneficial for understanding the interlink of educational research and educational policy-making.
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