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Title: 運用芝加哥模式之網路藝術教學:以國小四年級社會學習領域為例
Other Titles: CAPE Model Integrated with Net-Arts: An Application Research of Fourth-Grade Social Studies
Authors: 鄭月秀
Yueh-Hsiu Giffen Cheng
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究以芝加哥模式( CAPE model) 的探究、合作、紀實以及省思等步驟做為教學設計的架構,發展出藝術融入課程設計的模式理念,再以此模式做為網路藝術導入社會學習領域的課程設計依據。以行動研究為執行的方法,透過插角國小和鎮南國小四年級社會學習領域授課教師與學童的合作參與過程,完成「網路集體藝術創作融入課程」的行動方案。本研究之特色在於'以新媒體藝術型態融入課程的概念,結合CAPE模式與大觀念統整課程模式,將網路集體創作的四項特色:參與的遊戲性、作品形式的成長變化性、藝術的動詞性,以及作者權的移轉性等概念,轉化成國小四年級社會學習領域的能力指標,讓學童經由藝術參與的過程,提升資訊素材使用的能力、培養美學素養的內化、增加學習樂趣、提升學習成效,進而培養出具備創新和創意的二十一世紀人才。期望藉此研究的執行,得以引入並測試CAPE模式的在地化運用,提出藝術融入學科的具體教學策略與可行性,做為未來相關學術和教學的實務參考。
To develop an arts intergraded curriculum model, this study used the CAPE model's inquiry, collaboration, documentation, and reflection as a teaching framework,and then combined features of online arts into the curriculum design of social studies classes. Through partnership with Chajiao and ZhenNan Elementary Schools, this action research involved the students and teachers from the fourth-grade classes in the process of completing the “Online Collaborative Arts Creation Infused Curriculum."The concept of four online features of collaborative creation, such as the playing participation, the growth of the art form, the verbality of art, and the transferring of authorship, was transformed and integrated into an Academic Attainment Indicators of the forth-grade social studies classes. Due to the implementation ofthis new curriculum model, the students not only gained academic knowledge, but also became more capable of using information materials and hi-tech products. They also internalized artistic sensitivities and increased interests in learning, thus enhancing the effectivenessof their learning ability. This in turn, might help cultivate creative and innovative talents for the 21 st century﹒
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