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Title: 國小校長領導專業學習社群以發展學校集體智慧的策略
Other Titles: A Study on Principals’ Leading Strategies to Develop the School Collective Wisdom in the Professional Learning Communities
Authors: 梁金都
Chin-Tu Liang, Ming-Dih Lin
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究目的在探究校長領導專業學習社群的策略,以達成學校集體智慧的目的。研究者主要選取七位國小校長和七位教師為研究參與者,並進行10次的焦點團體訪談,以蒐集豐富的實地資料,最終獲致了以下重要結論:一、校長領導專業學習社群在三階段和七項原則性策略下,發展出28個實際策略,並達成七項學校集體智慧的成果。二、校長在三階段領導專業學習社群的實際策略,顯現出規劃性作為等七項不同的領導特質。三、信任關係、領導能力、協同合作、專業發展等是專業學習社群實際運作的核心精神。四、校長可採取28個領導專業學習社群的實際策略,並掌握七項領導特質和四種核心精神,有效地達成學校集體智慧的目的。
The purpose of this study was to explore the leading strategies employed by principals to develop the school collective wisdom in the professional learning communities. Seven elementary school principals and seven teachers as the participants were chosen and abundant field data through ten focus group interviews were collected. After careful analyses and fervent discussions, several conclusions were obtained. First, twenty-eight specific strategies were found from the seven principle’s leading strategies on three stages of professional learning communities’ development that could attain seven achievements of collective wisdom at school. Second, the principals played seven leading characteristics on twenty-eight specific strategies of three stages on professional learning communities’ development. Third, the core sprits of practice on professional learning communities were trust relationship, leadership capacities, collaborative teamwork, and professional development. Lastly, principals can attain the goal of collective wisdom at school through these specific strategies and their seven leading characteristics and four core spirits.
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